Wednesday, 30 December 2015



Documenting my frenzy in said Mango Cubicle.

Del Boy Coat at it again!

I was caught in a complete frenzy when this dress literally saved me! Okay a tad dramatic but it was the week before Christmas and I was circling Covent Garden like a frigging lunatic supposedly 'Christmas Shopping'.
In the midst of it all I took a wee peek up from the cobbled stomping stones to see in bold the simple word SALE seemingly beaming straight at me. (Mango I salute you for starting the January sales in December (which seems to be the norm now). Once in and now calmly browsing for selflessly myself 'The Swing Dress' of my dreams came singing towards me. Not to scatter on too much but once worn in the tiny cubicle I was instantly insanely sold! I shouldn't feel too bank guilty at this reduce sale price, £24.99?, plus WE all do a little bit of 'me' buying at Christmas right? 

The Details: Flared sleeves, Neck line, Flower Print, Timeless brown's, Timeless vintage 60's inspired high street piece - Tick Tick TICK TICK!

Dress: Here
Also in black Here 
(I now need the black! Duh!)
Photo:Jason Davis 

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Ps. I am never ever mentioning this season again!
Ps. I hope this makes sense. I'm rushing off to the theatre darling!


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Add a Little FLARE to Your Christmas Day Party


As homage to my love of all things seventies. (A tad obsessed) Today I'm sharing how I style Retro Flares. Do you fancy adding a little dab of flared funk to your Christmas celebration this year? If so read on sista or brotha (I'm a berk) and grab a glass of  festive fizz!

Flares are an all time favourite of mine. The extreme wide bell shaped leg instantly create a visual statement and mood. Typically worn in the 1970's with a strong chelsea boot or high heel inbetween the hippy era by a particular type of woman. 

I've teamed my flares with my big collar puffy sleeved 'colour of the season' Red shirt.

I've also added a double knit red vintage jumper to add a bit of layering and warmth to this look. 
The bag is navy and quite structured in design. I like how the gold chain add's a bit of glam and sparkle too. 

The flares are wool navy, each button keeps the trousers really fitted and slim line around the waist. 

I've spoken before how I like the roughness and masculinity of this coat. I call it my Del Boy coat! (Please tell me you grew up watching Del and Rodney Only Fools and Horses) It just never fail's at making me feel pretty fabulous.

Coat: ROKIT, Similar , Shirt: MINT VINTAGE, Similar, Flares: ROKITSimilar, Boots: TOPSHOP, HERE Bag: MERO RETRO, Similar, Hat: ROKITSimilar

Photo: Jason Davis 
Highly recommending him and he's sharp creative eye.
Many thanks for reading. 
Remember to let me know what you think of this look. 
How do you rock flares?

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Sunday, 20 December 2015


I had the great pleasure of joining my friend Bex at her Reject Jewellery stall on Saturday at The Truman Brewery Designers Makers Craft and Art Fair. Here are a few of her delicious pieces that I wanted to share. Enjoy x

Sterling Silver/Gold Chain.

'Over the last two years I have collected plastic from the beaches of different Mediterranean countries. Each piece is unique, the plastic itself has not been altered, I wanted to celebrate it in its true form, believing that its quirks and imperfections add to its charm. Its transformed appearance, weathered soft edges, and faded or altered colour is natures ‘plastic surgery’. How long your piece of plastic has been sculpted by the waves and how many coast lines it has seen we will never know. Nor will we know what its former purpose was, what it was part of, its story, its history remains a secret, but I rejoiced in the idea that it could be given another life and that there was one less bit of plastic on the beach!' - Reject Jewellery. 

I also managed to pick up some lovely unique hand crafted Christmas gifts yesterday. I'm definitely recommending the fair which travels across the UK, such a relaxing environment to shop at. All the business's are independent. I really like supporting smaller brands. 

Above is Reject Jewelry's information if you would like to check out more of the collection and fancied purchasing a last minute Christmas gift.



Christmas and I

Another slightly random post from me this week. It's just something I've been feeling recently so I thought why not share. Tis the season!
Now let's talk about the C....Christmas! The C season for me carries a mixture of many emotions.  One minute I'm the ultimate biggest fan of the C and want to wear C jumpers all day and dance around London singing 'Rocky Robin' or wack on my Pentatonix C album. (I love them, cheesy but they make me smile, if you haven't heard of them you need to!) but in that same minute if I'm honest I feel very overwhelmed by it all.
But I've come to realize that I bring the swamping feeling completely 100% on myself. Every year I vow to be more adult-like, organised and do all my C shopping by October latest. Does that happen......Er hell frigging NO (clutches head!) So this year once again I'm sat writing a last minute stressful 'who and what to buy for' list. Now I obviously know what my taste is but it's the buying for others part that I actually dread. I love giving gifts and like mine to have a bit of meaning and not just be a flat-boring-bog standard grab from 'The Body Shop' example like gift. But then I stress myself out thinking but what if they like 'The Body Shop'. I mean I'm into arty farty crap but my family may not be. I dread the inner disappointed smiley faces 'Yeah it's lovely' expressions. But then I think but they love me and it's the thought that counts right. Can you see my dilemma? Am I being ludicrous? Am I thinking way too much? YES! Then you have to deal with the location of the Westfields, the Oxford Circus the madness that had me literally walking in circles in Next kids last week. I mean SOS! Is there not a self help group for Christmas anxiety as I think I definitely need it.

In the end I tend to give up, leave and buy wine! But it never used to be like this. I once used to be super organised and embodied a Zoo Loo warrior attack for my beeline C shopping goods....maybe this is a first sign of ageing....I can't physically hack the build up to Christmas any more. I'm getting too old for it...What!

To add to whatever the cause in my silly head is I suddenly feel like I have a billion nieces, nephews and lots of little people in my life. These little people grow every year. I love my little people but what are their size's? Will they like face paints? Will they like Peppa f-ing Pig?@@@@&*. Okay I think you are getting what I'm rambling on about here. The funny thing is I love the actually day of CHRISTMAS and aim to spend it quite belly wide on merriment. It's the surrounding pressure that I put on myself that I'm currently figthing with.

How are you dealing with Christmas? Are there some aspects you love and some parts you'd prefer to skip like me? Honestly I would love to hear your thoughts xx

Thanks for reading a slightly muffed (is that a word) post that I've actually enjoyed sharing. I'm now off to do More C Shopping. Wish me luck! :-)

Crimbo Jumper is from a vintage shop that I can't remember (sorry), boyfriend jeans are from Rokit. So versatile I love them! Pumps are Topshop..


Ps. I know Christmas is bundles more than a simple gift. It's about have a jolly good time with the ones you love to love. 


Sunday, 13 December 2015



The perfect denim mini Aline skirt will never ever let you down (trust me). I found this 70's gem at Beyond Retro for about £24 and I've genuinely worn it a trillion times as it goes with absolutely everything in my wardrobe. 
It's so comfy to wear and it nicely fits into my obsession with dressing like a granny style. I love light denim as it keeps the look cool and fresh. Typically me, I've teamed the Aline with a navy UniQlo turtle neck thermal jumper (love a good thermal), black open toe booties and a navy leather vintage belt from Metro Retro and of course my beloved Beyond Retro satchel bag. I think the ankle boots keep this look modern and understated. Chuck on a big faux fur coat (which I forgot) and you're ready to go!

What do you think?



Thursday, 10 December 2015

A Monochrome Christmas

Hello fabulous one. How are you and are you feeling festive yet? I may not have any twinkling lights or a pretty sparkly Christmas tree in my background but I'm secretly (Shhhhhhhhh) feeling quite festive and already thoroughly enjoying this ho ho ho season. The holidays are coming people! 

The Vintage dress is from Spitalfields Market. Black Duster is House of Jam. Patent strappy sandals are vintage from a vintage fair that I found last summer. Tights are Topshop. Silver box clutch is Next. The lipstick is So Chaud by Mac. My Jingle Bell earrings are my beautiful mother's that I 'borrowed' yokes ago.
A perfect Monochrome look to rock this Christmas. 
What do you think? 



Thursday, 3 December 2015



The Dress
Oh my god this dress! I would say this is probably my dream vintage dress. Every single thread and finer detail (all in the details) I of course love. The dazzling gold and sheer finish really do add a bit of spark to this delightful festive season. The sexy vampy velvet skirt makes me feel all womanly.
The Bag
This leather vintage bag is so beautiful to me. I know it’s just a bag but it just makes me feel really happy when I wear it. The gold chain, size and buckle are perfection.  I KNOW IT'S JUST A BAG! (I have mentioned that I'm a bit of vintage freak)

The Shoes
The simple classic ankle strap. I'm not sure why but whenever these are on my feet I feel like an elegant lady (a lady who climbs trees. Oooops). The style and design are just so classic and beautiful. No fuss with a touch of patent.

The Coat
I've had this old Del Boy Coat for years. The sweet chocolate brown colour immediately caught my eye as I had been hunting for the right vintage coat for a while. The funky collar and thick warmth when worn also impressed me! A perfect for winter coat.
Now you maybe thinking why pop a rough scruffy looking coat with such an elegant classic feminine dress but I really like the appealing contrast of the two. It shouldn't work but I think it does. What do you think?
Dress: Mint Vintage. Heels: Asos. Similar here Coat: RokitSimilar Here
Hat:Rokit Bag: Meroretro 

It's the season to be JOLLY so I hope you enjoyed a fun fashion post of one of my favourite party vintage frocks that you can style up or down for this dazzling festive season. 

As this dress is a one off piece I unfortunately don't have an exact link but you are 100% able to hunt for similar alternatives in any of these lovely little boutiques below:

Ho Ho Ho! 

Thanks for Reading. 
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Thursday, 26 November 2015


So it's Thursday which means a Thursday Throwback is due. If you're like me and normally post an old picture of yourself on Instagram on a Thursday, then you'll know what I mean. If not, a Thursday Throwback is just a silly fun way to share really old pictures of yourself from back in the day. The older the better! The pictures that make you scream with cringe! Which is exactly what this new post is all about. I used to post them on a lil media tool called Facebook. Long before the days of Instagram and Twitter. Going through my old pictures I thought I'd see more awkward and 'what the heck am I doing' pictures but it turns out they aren't too bad. But of course there are few that embarrass the hell out of me but at the same time make me laugh. I'm a bit of a saddo really but it turns out I was kind of blogging but without the write up! Here they are! Enjoy!
This was the first time visiting Cyprus with the wife. I remember using an app called BeFunky to add more colour (a tad too much) but this makes me want to be back on that beach! - 2010

Awww all fresh faced! About 20 here. I want this entire outfit. Beanie hats and knits are necessity for this sharp cold winter breeze. Seriously where is this beanie? - 2005

See a kind of blog style picture and pose. I still have the boyfriend oversized wool blazer and T which I love. The bag and navy beanie are both vintage. The animal print skirt is missselfridge. Erm...Why am I holding an umbrella? (I don't see any rain? Doh!) Eeeeek! -2007

Another from the family mansion we were staying at in Cyprus. Okay exaggerating not a mansion but this house was stunning with beautiful marble floors, huge gigantic wooded embroidered doors and cooper gates. So classic. We loved this balcony! These denim shorts are from Beyond Retro, floppy hat is River Island. 2010

OMG I'm about 22 here and in an old flat when I first moved to London. Still rocking the polka dot and red lip back then. I loved these calve suede booties too. In fact I love all black suede boots. (kind of obssessed)

Oh posing again. So many nights I'd get in from work and play dress up with random clothes from my wardrobe. Does anyone else do that? Here I pieced together my American Apparel hoodie (which I still have and wear often) with my white ankle Converse trainers and a trilby hat but wait....Where are my trousers? Did this really go online. Oh well! CRINGE!!

Ooops how unclear is this but I think I know where I was going with this famous Bermondsey Street snap. Something sixites maybe in my faux fur coat that again I still have and wear daily. It's from Rokit and so warm. Another beanie this time, unfocused here but it was a lovely burnt orange shade that eventually got all bobbly. Grr! 

WOW! I mean I can LOL to myself now but did I seriously put this on Facebook! People must of thought WTBeep or that I'm posting my normal extra dramatic weekly photo. See I told you I needed an outlet for my crazyness and visionary mind. I do like this look though especially the banging earrings. (Covers face) 

I'm in love with Brighton so whenever I go back I go a little crazy.
SEE I've always been a STRIPE FREAK. About 24 here sat at my desk bored at work. This was before the 'Selfie' title. Which lipstick is that? hmmmm. Channeling Jane Birkin. I frigging love her.

Another blog style snap in the garden. Jumper's vintage from a flee market. Disco leggings Here and bright blue vans Here. 2011

So my friend Ben used to always pick me up on this classic lil scooter. It was freezing but him driving and me on the back was so much fun. Of course I took a picture or two or three or a zillion. 
I attempted to drive it once and didn't realize the gears are on the hand bars to only drive straight into a brick wall. I scuffed the bike and grazed my knee. Forever clumsy! - 2008
Channeling Madge Mad Madonna here with the striking red lip that isn't so striking with my over filter. Nose pierced think fierce. -2008

I had just watched the latest Bond movie at the movies and thought I'd be the next Bond Girl via Facebook. I mean really. Loving the playsuit though. - 2011
About 17 here barefaced at a photo shoot. The kind of 'photo shoot' where it's your mate who has a spare camera. Think we pitched up at a graveyard somewhere on a sunny day. Dress is of course vintage. I think I cut this fringe myself. Over 14 years ago. Wow time has flown and so much has changed.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this kind of random but fun post. 
Now your turn, post any throwback pics below as I'd love to see. 

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