Friday, 28 August 2015


I am obsessed with the Aline seventies skirt at the moment. I recently purchased this gorgeous black suede skirt from Beyond Retro at a bargain price. Beyond retro is a high street clothing retailer selling unique one-off vintage pieces. The garments are hand picked either second hand or recycled originals stemming from 1920's - 90's. Basically if you love having a good old rummage (like moi) and hunting for great finds (treasure) this is the perfect place for you.

I've styled my Aline suede mini skirt with my basic Matalan salmon high neck jersey top, opaque tights tights please and my thick strap Dune sandals. Oh and my can't seem to leave the house without vintage satchel Beyond Retro. I've simply half tied my hair up for the chic 70's vibe.

The Block Heel Thick Strap Leather Sandal.
Versatile vintage inspired beauties!

You can easily recreate this look with just one statement piece. The ALINE SKIRT. I've teamed my look with a comfy warm duster coat (London weather). 

PLACES TO BUY SIMILAR: Rokit, Mint Vintage. Copies (So remade for the highstreet inspired by the the seventies) Topshop, Zara and Urban Outfitters. 

I hope I've been of help so you can recreate this effortless on trend seventies look. Have fun xxx

Thanks for reading and thank you to my sister Shazza for the pics in the rain! Oh you can also follow more of my styling on instagram @floramariastyle

Side thought: Life is too bloody short. Wear what you like! How boring would it be if we all looked and dressed the same


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Favourites. Can't live without......

Over the years I've discovered what looks I really love to wear and feel the ultimate comfiest in and what looks really don't suit me. What piece of clothing I instantly feel fabulous in and what pieces cling to my skin and make me feel like a giant horse. (You know that feeling)

So this post is all about my favorites that I could easily wear again and again. Comfort is really important to me. Below are my three important favorites. What are yours?


I have so many vintage dresses that are timeless. Some I've had for years and literally feel like brand new, they never seem to go out of fashion. They make me feel ultra feminine, girly and accentuate my figure. I.e hide the wobbly bits. I love them deeply!


I'm actually obsessed with denim. I think I have a problem! Wearing denim makes me feel so relaxed and cool. I like to buy old school vintage denim like Levis, Wrangler and Lee Cooper as the quality is better and don't tend to fade as easily but I also love urban outfitters, topshop and house of jam denim lines. 


I don't think I can actually live without my ankle boots. (I know dramatic but quite true) I have at least 10 pairs. I think I have a problem but they are all slightly different in detail - heel height, lace ups, platform, texture open toe etc. For me they make an outfit complete. I love wearing a really chunky pair of black ankle boots with a floaty super elegant dress to create a totally quirkier look.

 I would love to know what your statement pieces are? What do you buy over and over again and can't live without?

Thanks again for reading. I am hopefully getting a better camera soon to make my shots much better (and bare with me on the spelling) I ain't perfect! (thank the lord). Still really enjoying blogging and have lots of ideas for the future.

Side note: Stay Fabulous!!



Friday, 21 August 2015

Hollywood Glamour.

As I am fairly new to this blogging stuff. I am discovering more about myself than I actually anticipated. I thought I'd be purely writing about vintage pieces but I have to keep this completely honest and truthful. I can't fake or force a blog post if something isn't inspiring me naturally. I also have to remember who I'm writing for and why I'm actually writing. I'm writing for me as a fun little outlet.

I'm at my happiest when I'm in a dark room (sounds dodgy) watching a live performance on stage. When my mind and thoughts stop. That happened when I went to see the stunning Miss Leading Ladies at the St James Theatre. A celebratory two handed musical highlighting the singing acting leading ladies of our time. The Legends.

Mae West, Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Julie Andrews, Danny La Rue, Doris Day, Eartha Kitts, Barbra Streisand, Edith Piaf. I could go on forever the dame list is endless and the show was a true delight. I felt completely transported to an elitist era. From the candle lit gold rounded table seating to the classic 50's champagne bar.

I still literally have no idea why I am so obsessed with this past time. Why the women back then speak out and influence me so much more than any other modern day pin up. No thanks GaGa (Sorry love) Why I  actually just liked having four TV channels growing up (yes I'm that old). My deep love of black and white film........Right I better stop as that my darlings is a whole other post. So I'll just shut up and let The Real Women do the talking...........

It's only me. 

Thank you for reading. Who are your leading ladies? Who did you spot? 

Ps. Side thought: I have never ever wanted to fit in and often felt like an outsider which is actually ok.



Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Countryside Breeeeeeeeeze.

Living in London is full of so much life and might but sometimes I like to step away to feel the breeze of fresh air on my skin. The noise of nothing moments.

The away moments are often really spontaneous which is why I love them even more. No over planning, over thinking or faffing just jumping into my car and just driving to a nowhere land. Truly a peaceful little secret spot in the countryside of my native Essex that made me very very happy.

Top: Pocket-Tank

Skirt: Vintage (similar) Floaty Maxi 

Sandals: Cross Strap

Hat: Rokit Vintage

Shades: Vintage Sunglasses

Thank you for reading and a big thanks to my sister for the shots and secret gem intros.



Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Getting to Know Me - Getting to Know You.

Hello and welcome, I just thought before I delve straight into my obsession with the old vintage clothing it would be nice to share a few random things about me.

The Getting to Know Me Quiz: (drum roll please)

Favourite food: Thai (yummy yummy get in my tummy) I'm pretty much addicted to pad thai and any type of rice noodle dish. 

Thai (Yum Yum)

Barcelona magic! (take me back)
Diahann Carroll

Favourite mascara: Benefit Roller Lash (Ladies you need this in your life)

Favourite person: Flora Maria Green

Favourite brands of makeup: Mac

Cats or Dogs: Dogs

Matte or gloss lipstick: Matte

Spiders or Snakes: Spiders

Favourite colour: Blue/Black/Navy/Burnt Orange (Can't choose, sorry)

Favourite lip colour: Ruby Woo – Mac
Ruby Woo
Reason to stay in London: Vibrancy

Reason to leave London: Overcrowding

Peanut butter or Marmite: Peanut butter

Favourite chocolate bar: Vivani organic dark chocolate with hazelnuts

Favourite time of day: 10am when the offices open

Favourite eye shadow: Saddle brown matte by Mac

Favourite place to visit: Barcelona. (Truly magical)

Favourite Fashion Icon: Wow another extremely hard question as I have way too many. At the moment it would have to be Diahann Carroll.

Wow actually lots of fun and just a random favorites quiz I found. Now it’s your turn! Why not fill in the exact same Getting to Know Me Quiz in your post below. What’s your favorites

Monday, 10 August 2015

Hello and Welcome


Wow I am finally here writing an actual blog post. This moment has taken me so many years for lots of silly little reasons. But I am here today doing it. Yaaaaaay! Just to give you an intro into Flora Maria Style. Flora Maria is the name of my beautiful mummy who continuously influences my life. One of her main influences is her elegant style in fashion. I have vivid memories of watching my mother getting herself ready and being in complete fascination and awe as a child. My mother had wardrobes, loft space and bags upon bags full of different clothing, each piece full of detail and delight. My big sister and I would
often play dress up in her various vintage pieces and stylish high heels. I just remember her making fashion look simply effortless.....And this ultimately is where my obsession with fashion and vintage clothing originally stems from.

Mummy above looking super fabulous!