Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Favourites. Can't live without......

Over the years I've discovered what looks I really love to wear and feel the ultimate comfiest in and what looks really don't suit me. What piece of clothing I instantly feel fabulous in and what pieces cling to my skin and make me feel like a giant horse. (You know that feeling)

So this post is all about my favorites that I could easily wear again and again. Comfort is really important to me. Below are my three important favorites. What are yours?


I have so many vintage dresses that are timeless. Some I've had for years and literally feel like brand new, they never seem to go out of fashion. They make me feel ultra feminine, girly and accentuate my figure. I.e hide the wobbly bits. I love them deeply!


I'm actually obsessed with denim. I think I have a problem! Wearing denim makes me feel so relaxed and cool. I like to buy old school vintage denim like Levis, Wrangler and Lee Cooper as the quality is better and don't tend to fade as easily but I also love urban outfitters, topshop and house of jam denim lines. 


I don't think I can actually live without my ankle boots. (I know dramatic but quite true) I have at least 10 pairs. I think I have a problem but they are all slightly different in detail - heel height, lace ups, platform, texture open toe etc. For me they make an outfit complete. I love wearing a really chunky pair of black ankle boots with a floaty super elegant dress to create a totally quirkier look.

 I would love to know what your statement pieces are? What do you buy over and over again and can't live without?

Thanks again for reading. I am hopefully getting a better camera soon to make my shots much better (and bare with me on the spelling) I ain't perfect! (thank the lord). Still really enjoying blogging and have lots of ideas for the future.

Side note: Stay Fabulous!!



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