Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Getting to Know Me - Getting to Know You.

Hello and welcome, I just thought before I delve straight into my obsession with the old vintage clothing it would be nice to share a few random things about me.

The Getting to Know Me Quiz: (drum roll please)

Favourite food: Thai (yummy yummy get in my tummy) I'm pretty much addicted to pad thai and any type of rice noodle dish. 

Thai (Yum Yum)

Barcelona magic! (take me back)
Diahann Carroll

Favourite mascara: Benefit Roller Lash (Ladies you need this in your life)

Favourite person: Flora Maria Green

Favourite brands of makeup: Mac

Cats or Dogs: Dogs

Matte or gloss lipstick: Matte

Spiders or Snakes: Spiders

Favourite colour: Blue/Black/Navy/Burnt Orange (Can't choose, sorry)

Favourite lip colour: Ruby Woo – Mac
Ruby Woo
Reason to stay in London: Vibrancy

Reason to leave London: Overcrowding

Peanut butter or Marmite: Peanut butter

Favourite chocolate bar: Vivani organic dark chocolate with hazelnuts

Favourite time of day: 10am when the offices open

Favourite eye shadow: Saddle brown matte by Mac

Favourite place to visit: Barcelona. (Truly magical)

Favourite Fashion Icon: Wow another extremely hard question as I have way too many. At the moment it would have to be Diahann Carroll.

Wow actually lots of fun and just a random favorites quiz I found. Now it’s your turn! Why not fill in the exact same Getting to Know Me Quiz in your post below. What’s your favorites

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