Monday, 10 August 2015

Hello and Welcome


Wow I am finally here writing an actual blog post. This moment has taken me so many years for lots of silly little reasons. But I am here today doing it. Yaaaaaay! Just to give you an intro into Flora Maria Style. Flora Maria is the name of my beautiful mummy who continuously influences my life. One of her main influences is her elegant style in fashion. I have vivid memories of watching my mother getting herself ready and being in complete fascination and awe as a child. My mother had wardrobes, loft space and bags upon bags full of different clothing, each piece full of detail and delight. My big sister and I would
often play dress up in her various vintage pieces and stylish high heels. I just remember her making fashion look simply effortless.....And this ultimately is where my obsession with fashion and vintage clothing originally stems from.

Mummy above looking super fabulous!


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  1. Love that your love for fashion was inspired by your mother, great vintage photos
    : ).