Friday, 14 August 2015

What's in your bag LOVE?

As another introduction to Flora Maria Style today I thought I'd share with you 'The What's in My Bag' post. But why you ask, WHY! (Capitals eeeek). Well why not! It's a great way to have a little nosey at personal daily essentials. I find them so interesting to read, especially for seeking new product recommendations. I mean when else can you dig into someone else’s bag? (I ain’t no tief) So I'm going to stop with the ramble and just delve straight in. 

Ps. I haven't included the bundles of receipts, endless leaflets (because I feel bad not taking one, anyone else do that?), recurring melted chocolate, my scruffy hairbrush, my ipad (which I forgot to include) and other growing things.
                                                          The Bag
                                                              Vintage leather satchel from Beyond Retro.

                                                                        Daily Essentials

A miracle cream that I use everywhere lips, hands, body, bum you name it I've used it! I love the smell but it's now available fragrance free. Long lasting as you only need a few small squirts.

This journal is my life. (Well technically it's just a journal but you know what I mean) Notes galore!
Great for actually adding real volume rather than stating that it will and failing. Again you don't need lot's of the stuff. Flutter them lashes! YSL Mascara

Ray Ban classics originally designed in 1952. Wow! I purchased these as a gift as I always wanted a pair but couldn't really justify spending so much money on essentially a bit of plastic. But as it was gift money (thanks dad) I thought now is the time. Also I’ve never really been into designer shades. I can honestly say that these little bad boys are worth the pennies. I used to buy cheap sunglasses that couldn't last weeks days even due to my heavy handed man hand, I think I even drove over these once. They are literally unbreakable. (I hope they don't break now eeeek) Also if you are a driver like me they do a great job of protecting you from the death of sun rays!   Ray Ban Wayfarer

So sweet. Coco Chanel. An everlasting fragrance. I've been wearing the scent for years and still not boredChanel 

La Bag in Action

Thank you for reading my ramble of delights. I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks introductory posts. I'm already looking forward to writing my next piece which will include vintage/highstreet fashion.

Side note/thought: If you can. Try and do the things that make you happy. Yolo!


Bic pen
Flowery oyster card (gift from my sister) Tube goer - living in London means you never ever leave your house without it, ever! I drive but still leave with it
Ray Ban sunglasses (gift from me dad)
Chanel perfume (gift from the bestie)
Mac taupe lipstick
Hair band
Mac Liquid eyeliner
YSL Volume mascara
Mac concealer
Heart compact mirror (gift)
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour creme
Woven phone case (Samsung 5)


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