Wednesday, 9 September 2015


I absolutely love makeup but generally didn't know how to apply the stuff on my face as beauty and makeup has always been something that doesn't come naturally to me, so I tended to stick to very simple classic styles like The Red LIP where you can't go wrong. But recently I've thought I need to start saying yes to more things including trying different shades of lipstick. So I tried Mac Cyber which I've fallen in LOVE with (hence this post). So here is My Version of A QUICK & EASY MAKE UP LOOK. Now I am unfortunately not a makeup artist so this is just my method only but I've learned tons of tips and tricks from my bestest Natalie (natural makeup pro, I hate her!) who years ago showed me a youtube clip of the Professional Makeup Artist sister duo Pixiwoo. From then on I practically stalked their page and they've basically changed my make up life and taught me all about foundation which I spent years hating. (Ok that's probably another post) I hope you enjoy my first makeup post!

The Makeup Stuff

1. Firstly I wash, cleanse and moisture my face. Then I apply Mac Select Cover Concealer on any blemishes and dark circles under my eyes using my 286 Mac Blending Brush.

2. Next I slap on my Mac Mineralize Moisture Foundation using my Mac Stipling Duo Fibre Face Brush.

3. Next I apply Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Powder using my Real Techniques Power Brush (softest brush ever!)

4. Next I move on to my eye balls specifically the lids and apply my Mac Pro Longwear Primer Pot to eliminate and smooth out skin.

5. Then I apply my matte finish Mac Eye-Shadow to my lids using an eye shadow brush.

6. Next I slightly fill in my eyebrows by combing my brows first then using my Mac Eyebrow pencil.

7. Then I  go back to my eyes as I like to add a feline flick using Mac Liquid Eyeliner aka Winged eyeliner (and hope to get both eyes the exact same. The pressure!)

8. Then to add a little flutter to my lashes I use Benefit Roller Lash Mascara to my top lashes and Mac Zoom Lash Mascara to the bottom lashes.

9. I then add a little rose to my cheeks using My Mac Blusher Powder and my 163 Mac Blusher Brush.

10. Next I move on to my lips and simply put on my Mac Cyber Satin Lipstick. Here you can add a liner to enhance your lips making them look fuller. I do wear liners with different lipsticks but with this shade I don't feel I need to as it's already quite a dramatic colour. So lip liner is totally optional.

11. Lastly to complete my look I add a touch of highlight to my cheek bones using Mac Strobe Cream. 

And that is it folks. Quick & Easy!

As you can see I haven't added contour which I occasionally do, bronze glow or done any of the other extra makeup artistry bits but you can of course include that yourself and tailor along the way. 

                     The Finish Closer Look!

With a Big SMILE!

Concealer MAC - Concealer
Eye Shadow Mac Eye-Shadow
Brows Mac Eye-Brow
Eye Liner Mac Eyes- Liner
Lipstick Mac Lippy
Real Technique Brushes

Let me know if you recreate this Autumnal look. Again many thanks for reading and stay Fabulous cheesy but true!

Ps. I seriously didn't know how much I think it's time to try new make up brands! MacMacMacMacMacMacMacMac. (Hahahahahaha)


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