Friday, 25 September 2015

At The Edge of Paradise. Part One: NEW YORK

So here I am about to divulge and tell all of my Once In A Lifetime Trip of Summer 2014! But it's 2015 why the reflection now you ask. Well to be honest I've never really gotten over it.

So my dear best friend aka The Wife (lasting nickname we adopted for each other, NOT actually my wife) said at the start of 2014 let's go travelling as it's a conversation that's been brewing between us for many years. Constantly speaking about our escaping desires for travelling but never really putting our money where our mouth is until......2014. 

It just felt like the right time for both of us. Like me she is a bit wild and crazy in her own way. Our friendship started over 14 years ago studying the same course at college. Both very open minded, chilled and naturally carrying a similar outlook on life......YOLO. So we booked the (get us the heck out of here) ticket. A five week travelling across AMERICA ticket! In one car. Cross country. Backpacking. Staying in Hostels. 

To be honest once we actually booked the ticket I was petrified. I mean I didn't actually think we'd book. Me and the wife have been on many holidays before and I knew that she is the perfect travelling partner. That wasn't the problem. I MEAN I DIDN'T THINK WE WOULD ACTUALLY GO AND BOOK THE BLOODY THING. I weren't the only one with doubts. Before we actually booked as mentioned above we'd be speaking about it for years and people would laugh in our faces and say 'You two wouldn't last back packing' or 'Nah you couldn't hack it in them hostels'. We got a lot of that to be honest. But once we booked all that hushed.  I MEAN WE ACTUALLY BOOKED (Did I mention we booked).

Route 66

New York – Chicago - Illinois – Missouri – Oklahoma – New Mexico – Arizona – Grand Canyon - Las Vegas – San Diego – San Francisco – LA Baby!

So once we had finalized all the accommodation, insurance, car hire, flights and other boring but vitally important stuff plus packing all we had to do was start saying our goodbyes. Sounds silly as we were only leaving the UK for five weeks but stepping into the pure unknown with not an inkling of where this little adventure path would lead us saying a farewell to a loved one felt like a necessity....I mean who knows what could happen.
Bye Dagenham.

First stop:
4 nights
Travelers Accomodation: Leo House NYC 

Streets of NEW YORK
YELLOW TAXI hustling.

W 23rd Street

After the longest flight of my life, dehydrated and air conned (I dislike air con) out we arrived safely full of excitement and glee. It was now the dark evening of New York City. First hurdle getting to our accommodation (fast). The Airport was manic and both feeling tired I prompted where are the cab signs? The wife being the wife sensibly stated 'We can't get a cab, it will cost a fortune, remember we are travelling, start as we mean to go on'. To be honest I wanted to throttle her because she was absolutely 100% right. No luxury here. So off we went hunting for the subway to W 23rd St
Dining in SOHO.
Times Square

We found the airport subway and got a bit confused along the way. With hand luggage and two big backpacks we kind of stood out. (yes we are fools for the packing overload) But standing out worked in our favour as the locals were extremely helpful and directed us in the right direction. 12am NEW YORK train hopping is a must. The sense of fear and exhilaration awakened.
Statue of  Liberty 

Finally once inside our accommodation centrally located in the heart of Manhattan, we jumped on beds, screamed, looked out of our gigantic windows listening to the sweet sounds of  NEW YORK then slept.

Things we did in New York: Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Down town, Uptown, Statue of Liberty, Soho, Rooftops, Times Square, Walking, Eating, Dining, Drinking, World Trade Memorial and much more
 To be continued...........

A post I know I will look back on when I'm 95 and say we did that.

 Many thanks for reading. 


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