Friday, 4 September 2015


There is defiantly something deeply intriguing about this wee little seaside destination that keeps us returning again and again. It probably has something to do with the numerous day trips my mother would bring my sister, brother and myself on as a child. I vaguely remember moaning like a whiney little bitch as to why the beach wasn't sandy like the South End coastal beach I was used to, why the dreaded beach possessed horrible big pebbles that felt rock hard on my tiny feet. My mother single handily explained that Brighton beach was different.......And that it was. 

I think the wet 99p flake ice cream I stuffed into my annoyed face five minutes after soon vanished any reluctant thoughts. I remember us siblings running into the sea like wild screaming animals charged with happiness. 

I really hope I thanked her for our adventures back then.

Now when I visit all the longing memories come rushing back to me. Brighton has become a place where I instantly feel free.

Here a few pictures that me and a bestie took during a recent impromptu day trip to our beloved Brighton.
Sunglasses/Blitz London
Platform Espadrilles/H&M
Visit Brighton. Again thanks for reading my dear.

Side thought: If you have a loving mummy go give her a big hug from me.


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