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Now me being me with a couple of hours spare stuck in the west end is never ever going to end well. I mean of course I had no other choice but to head to the closest safest place. A MAC STORE! It just seemed logical and to be honest I have no control of the movement of my own legs, before I know it I find myself dancing in the changing rooms in some kind of store somewhere, trying on clothes I definitely shouldn't be buying. (Is there something wrong with me?) I actually had a reason to be in Mac this time as I was told (when I was previously in Mac) that they are soon to be launching a new type of foundation so I was just merely investigating that rumour! (hahaha) 

Just to set the picture before I finally get to Mac I don't really like big department stores such as House of Fraser, John Lewis, Selfridges etc. The bright lights, smiley gloss and music send me into what I can only describe as a weirdo trance like stare. My eyes start to sting and my knees just DO NOT like it. But I was feeling brave and found myself in House of Fraser, Oxford Street and actually went straight to the Chanel stand as I wanted to see what foundation they had on offer. After speaking to a friendly assistant it was pretty obvious that Chanel have nothing on offer for my skin tone. They currently don't stock foundation for my 'darker skin'. I was actually quite shocked and felt a bit singled out (Sad face). The lovely assistant did reiterate that Chanel have brought out darker foundations in the past but discontinued the line as the clientele just wasn't big enough here in the UK. Apparently if I want foundation from Chanel I have to go to the US to get it the lovely assistant advised.......So on from leaving the Chanel stand feeling a tad disappointed (but I'll always love moi Chanel) I stumbled across Clinique, where another lovely assistant (probably recognizing the 'trance like stare') offered me some needed help. She plopped me on a chair and advised me on the new Clinque concealer and foundation all in one that would be perfect for my skin. Out came the brush and the brightly product being applied onto my dry skin. The finish was actually quite nice, we had a little chat and then I went on to tell her about my dilemma of the Mac foundation that I've been using for years being discontinued and that I'm on my way to the Carnaby Mac store to try out a new foundation. She kindly advised me that there is actually a bigger closer Mac on New Bond Street opposite Victoria Secrets in a department store called Fenwick. I was like what's Fenwick she advised that it's a small department store that no one knows about, try there as they have a bigger selection. I thanked the lady who kind of reminded me of a beautiful British Kelly Rowland. 
So off I trotted up New Bond Street to hunt for Fenwick. Hooray! It does actually exist and my trance state wasn't actually too bad.
As soon as you enter you are in the Mac makeup department which rings around the outskirts of the main entrance. The Clinque lady was right the store nicely had a quieter vibe to it. I found the new STUDIO WATERWEIGHT foundation and was kindly assisted by a flawless looking Mac staff member. 
So after purchasing my new Mac product I caught a glimpse of CHARLOTTE TILBURY staring at me. (Actually not literally her just her new brand of cosmetics) So YES I needed to go over and have a little look. 
Now I've heard lot's of great things about the Charlotte Tilbury range after watching a few tutorials.Then I saw the LIPSTICKS! DOH!
After trying on the entire range of the lipsticks I had no choice (It keeps happening) but to buy the BIRKIN BROWN 
Gorgeous sharp dark brown shade which feels so soft and luxurious on my lips.
I was then forced to purchase STONED ROSES which is a lovely shade of pink for a nude natural(ish) lip. Again extremely soft and moisturizing on my skin.
My eyeliner has just run out so I thought I'd try the Rock N Roll Iconic Liquid eye pencil in Bedroom Black. 
I  love the jet black finish on my skin which is spot  on for a dramatic vampy classic look. Also perfect for recreating the feline retro eye line flick. Again felt so seamlessly soft on my skin.

I can honestly recommend this full coverage light weight MAC foundation if you like a dewy long lasting natural matte-sheen finish. I would recommend buffing into the skin with a brush and building as you go adding only a little at at a time. All of the CHARLOTTE TILBURY PRODUCTS have such effective finishes, they feel so comfortable on the skin and easy to wear. I haven't worn them for a full day yet so I will let you know how long they last. The packaging is very classic and subtly chic which I love. The product names are tributes to all the Iconic women from the 1950's who still inspire us today.
Charlotte Tilbury Rock-n-Kohl, Charlotte Tilbury Stoned-Rose,Mac Studio Waterweight Foundation SPF 30 Waterweight-Foundation.
Charlotte Tilbury Birkin-Brown.

Have you tried any of these new products if so what did you think?

Thanks for reading and getting to the end.

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