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Today is all about my personal vintage top hotspots for you to SHOP! SHOP! SHOP! Again I love reading about new shopping discoveries and thinking hmmmm I definitely need to try there or yes I love that shop too! 
So below are my top 5 fashion haunts. I have even been all organised and categorized my post into Vintage, Highstreet and Online. Enjoy and let me know if this has helped you with future finds. (You may need a cuppa for this one as I ramble on a wee bit) xxx


Mero Retro

A lovely friend of mine also slightly obsessed with vintage clothing took me to Mero Retro a couple of weeks ago. Oh my what a dear friend she is! Located in the heart of Dalston's eccentric district Mero Retro is now my new found playing palace. The shop is small but BIG in detail. From the patterned vintage court shoes to the pretty bow tie dresses everything feels so quaintly special. I could literally spend all day in this shop. The owner is lovely too and will happily save you clothes if needed. I really like supporting independent business so if you're around the area why not pop in.

Mint Vintage

So I met James (from Leeds) the owner of Mint Vintage quite a few years ago now when I was working in Soho, London. Mint Vintage was located off the pebbled lanes in seven dials Covent Garden. I usually popped in on my unofficial breaks (shhhhh) and lunch times to have a little catch up and a wardrobe party. Gah I have purchased so many pretty dresses from Mint. Mint like to keep all the garments well kept and steamed clean. Majority of the stock is flown in from Canada. Mint have now moved to bigger brighter better premises in the vibrancy of Stoke Newington High Street (Stokey). Mint is definitely one my favorite vintage London stores. The team are always so friendly. Why not take a lookie!


& Other Stories

So I've probably walked past the regent street store a trillion billion times and never thought twice about going in. I think one time I did look at the window display and initially thought oh that's a lovely dress but probably way too expensive for me. It wasn't until my sister took me here the other day I fully discovered the wonderment of this beautiful store. The first thing I noticed was the pricing (always) which I was actually surprised by as it was well within my shouldn't be shopping budget. I think because the garments look so greatly put together and posh (hahahaha) that I assumed they'd be exceedingly expensive. I was wrong! The store has a very modern airy subtle elegance to it. I found the team that work there exceptionally helpful and smiley (I want to work there). & Other Stories offer so much variation to shop from makeup,trainers, handbags, beanie hats, sunglasses, necklaces plus lot's more! Everything a lady needs basically. I've already been back a few times. Shhhhhhh. My True West End Hit!

American Apparel
Covent Garden

I love love love American Apparel. Perfect for your basic staple longevity pieces. T-shirts, sweaters, crop tops, high waisted denim, aline skirts, cardigans and much more. Everything is simplified with a no fuss collection. I find the stores very easy to shop in and often look in the men's section as many pieces are unisex. (I.e baggy boyfriend look jumpers) Some of the pieces are slightly higher in price but then I think about how often I'm going to wear it. Example you could spend £40+ on a trend led dress from Topshop that you will probably wear once that will be out of fashion in a year but at American Apparel you could spend £40+ on a versatile piece that you can wear again and again differently that will last for years as it's not following a particular trend or fashion (I hope that makes sense). My highstreet favourite!


House of Jam
Now to be honest I don't really like shopping online. I think I enjoy the shopping experience way too much to settle for any type of online click and pay purchase, plus the returning saga puts me right off but I unintentionally came across House of Jam when I typed in duster coats into the search engine on Instagram which led me to the House Of Jam Market Place on Asos. HOJ is an independent label selling handpicked vintage pieces and exclusive designs. I was drawn to the funky cool retro vibe available. The silk patterned top button shirts, the cut off reworked denim and the sweet vintage 60's dresses. The collection is smallish tailoring towards edgier street vintage clothing. The price tags are fairly reasonable and once delivered the products actually look exactly like the items shown on online. HOJ is defo a now online fav!
Amercian Apparel Top.




Thank you for reading lovely people!

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Side note: Learn to love yourself as you are fabulous and don't you forget it!


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