Wednesday, 14 October 2015

70s RUST

Everthing's gone a bit RUSTIC
With the sun still shining and the cool breeze still blowing it's fair to say that Autumn is officially here and I'm frigging loving it. Are you? Everything feels like it's beginning all over again and the old rusty leaves are falling. 
My new colour obsession. Now I'm loosely calling the obsession 'Rustic' but I'm not entirely sure if 'Rustic' is the correct colour terminology that I should be aiming for, however that's the striking image constantly leaping out at me as I sit here and attempt to write this post. Basically I'm obsessing over a bit of old rust (I know I'm weird). Rustic; burnt oranges, musty yellows, dark reds, dull peach and light browns. RUSTIC!
I recently saw the delightful deebo9 (who I basically style stalk ) wearing this cute little Miss Selfridge polo number that I thought would knit nicely with my midi Mint Vintage denim skirt to create a refreshing day autumnal look.
I also teamed my new rustic polo with a classic chelsea boot (another obsession duh!) and a sweet little vintage brown bag.
To finally complete the look I opted for my favourite bang on seventies trend round framed brown vintage glasses (Why do I love all this vintage stuff so much???)
Again I like to keep my accessories quite simple but you could easily up the ante with this look by adding a big felt floppy hat or faux fur retro gilet or bold rustic coloured tights (Yaaaaaay for coloured tights).
Top: Here, Skirt: Similar Here, Sunglasses:From Here, Bag:From Here, Boots:From Here Rings:Here 

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