Friday, 2 October 2015

At The Edge of Paradise. Part Two: NIAGARA FALLS

So here we are four long days and nights in the jungle of New York City later. Dreams made, hearts captured. I'm still trying to figure out what the unique 'Magic Thing' is about that place and whether it’s available for free in a bottle. Why we really didn't want to leave, why everyone we met along the way was exceptionally friendly and welcoming. Why Soho is the coolest place I've ever stepped into and why we totally forgot to factor within our budget the tipping costs of America. That's one thing about planning a travelling trip. You can't really plan a travelling trip. So many unexpected things happen which you have no control over; you have to just roll with it. Like the fact that apparently I'm allergic to Shrimp. New York's national fish that left my leg numbed and gigantically swollen into a balloon like ball. I mean I probably should of gone to A&E but I think I just one legged it to the closet bar and cosmopolitaned it up as a way of getting through it. Moral - Expect the unexpected.

I want to wake up in a city
That doesn't sleep

And find I'm king of the hill

Top of the heap

-Frank Sinatra

Once budgets were blown and New York had been done. Niagara Falls was our next super adventure destination, however we were in need of a motor to get us there! So off we lugged with our overloaded bags to collect our ride at Us Rent A Car. Now two girls travelling across the country can be seen as a little high risk so we sensibly opted for something safe and unnoticeable that would practically get us from A:New York - B: Los Angeles. To be honest I know nothing about cars and I still have no idea what type of car it was but I do know we immediately nick named her (the car) THELMA and got on our merry way.

Wifey had offered to drive the first instalment of our 6 and 1/2 hour scheduled road trip to Niagara Falls (International border between Canada and the United States). Car loaded and synced to our favourite sing-a-long tunes we were in road trip heaven. Talking of the road the American free way is a oversized beast. The lanes are vast and the monster trucks scared the crap out of me. You also need to have toll money ready between states (little tip) as we forgot to factor that in too! 
But we made it. Home at Shivas Lodge thanks to the wife and our pre designated satellite navigation device. (That with time I learnt to read properly (More of an old fashioned map reading gal)

Our first ever Motel was full of character, clean and exactly like the motel shots you see in American Movies.
As we set out early and vowed to never make a long journey after dark we arrived at the small town of Niagara quite early, with excitement dumping our travelling gear we headed straight to The Falls which is conveniently located just 3 miles from our temporary new home. 

So in this picture I appear to be smiling. I mean I was happily blown away by the sheer size of this historic landmark. It just didn't seem real, genuinely feeling like a dream with a mixture of bizarre emotions. I think it's because of how untypical the day had already been, from leaving the big city to then driving for 7 hours and then casually off to see one of the golden wonders of the world. I mean WHAT THE F! I vividly remember us both feeling overwhelmed by it all and tremendously lucky to be able to experience it.

Oh I have to mention that if you suffer from vertigo brace yourself as you are 165 ft high overlooking over the falls. That gap below the barrier has a mighty steep drop. Yes definitely not typical.
After a dazed while taking in the Falls from above we caught our breath and decided to jump right into the experience by booking a ticket for the Maid of The Mist which is a strongly powered boat that takes you from the docks past the American falls into the basin of the roaring Canadian horse shoe falls. You are provided with a souvenir Maid of the Midst waterproof poncho as you soak in the sensational view around you. 'A historical ride aboard the world-famous Maid of the Mist is a half hour thrill of a lifetime and North America's oldest tourist attraction since establishing in 1846.' 

Us after being physically thrown across a boat and a good old soaking from the historic waterfalls. 

We Were There. 

To be continued...........

A post I know I will look back on when I'm 95 and say we did that.

 Many thanks for reading. 


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