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Where do you get your confidence from? 

Is a question I got asked recently by a friend when she kindly gave me a compliment over an outfit I was wearing that day and went on to tell me that she could never ever wear my outfit as in her words she 'Doesn't have the figure for it' I then replied with 'Of course you bleeding can', she then went on to ask me 'Where do you get your confidence from?' Which is never something I contemplate over and got me thinking......Where do I get my confidence from?
 I remember throughout my teens over fear of not being exactly like Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce I would wear two or even three pairs of jeans to gain a bigger bottom size (which of course never worked). I just didn't care for my athletic boy like figure. I really desperately wanted a big booty and was confused as to why everyone around me seemed to have one including my two best friends. The hourglass woman like figure just wasn't mine. Now I can only laugh at my naivety and innocent inner angst. 
Naturally that time in my life happened (I heard about it) where I refused to constantly pick holes at my reflection. When I can now honestly look in the mirror and be completely thankful for all that I have. I'm healthy and I'm alive. I'm not body perfect and that is more than okay with me. I don't have that need for anyone to give me self worth.
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The older I get and throughout life experiences I began to notice how time is extremely precious (Another thing my elders would preach to me about and I didn't quite understand whilst growing up). I just got to a point of not wanting to waste time overly worrying about what others may or may not think of me, what there perceptions of me are. Nah I haven't got the energy for that. I rather put all my energy into making my life a happy one by doing the things that I love and striving to become a better person. 

Being a Londoner on a daily basis I get to see lot's of different people express themselves through art or wacky quirky little outfits. The wackier the better! As they really do inspire me.

Over time I've learnt to love the skin I'm in. True beauty doesn't have an age, size, shape or colour. We should embrace each other's differences as we are all fabulously beautiful in our own unique way which I think we should support each other on rather than dampen. Don't get me wrong at times I hate my body but I don't think I wouldn't be human if I didn't have them days. I gain my motivation  from the real people around me rather than a glossed up untouchable magazine. I am a big silly dreamer but I'm also a realist and it's all about finding your own inner happiness within yourself.

Where do you get your confidence from?
I gained my inner body confidence by no longer fighting my body and instead got happy by simply embracing it!

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