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So it's Thursday which means a Thursday Throwback is due. If you're like me and normally post an old picture of yourself on Instagram on a Thursday, then you'll know what I mean. If not, a Thursday Throwback is just a silly fun way to share really old pictures of yourself from back in the day. The older the better! The pictures that make you scream with cringe! Which is exactly what this new post is all about. I used to post them on a lil media tool called Facebook. Long before the days of Instagram and Twitter. Going through my old pictures I thought I'd see more awkward and 'what the heck am I doing' pictures but it turns out they aren't too bad. But of course there are few that embarrass the hell out of me but at the same time make me laugh. I'm a bit of a saddo really but it turns out I was kind of blogging but without the write up! Here they are! Enjoy!
This was the first time visiting Cyprus with the wife. I remember using an app called BeFunky to add more colour (a tad too much) but this makes me want to be back on that beach! - 2010

Awww all fresh faced! About 20 here. I want this entire outfit. Beanie hats and knits are necessity for this sharp cold winter breeze. Seriously where is this beanie? - 2005

See a kind of blog style picture and pose. I still have the boyfriend oversized wool blazer and T which I love. The bag and navy beanie are both vintage. The animal print skirt is missselfridge. Erm...Why am I holding an umbrella? (I don't see any rain? Doh!) Eeeeek! -2007

Another from the family mansion we were staying at in Cyprus. Okay exaggerating not a mansion but this house was stunning with beautiful marble floors, huge gigantic wooded embroidered doors and cooper gates. So classic. We loved this balcony! These denim shorts are from Beyond Retro, floppy hat is River Island. 2010

OMG I'm about 22 here and in an old flat when I first moved to London. Still rocking the polka dot and red lip back then. I loved these calve suede booties too. In fact I love all black suede boots. (kind of obssessed)

Oh posing again. So many nights I'd get in from work and play dress up with random clothes from my wardrobe. Does anyone else do that? Here I pieced together my American Apparel hoodie (which I still have and wear often) with my white ankle Converse trainers and a trilby hat but wait....Where are my trousers? Did this really go online. Oh well! CRINGE!!

Ooops how unclear is this but I think I know where I was going with this famous Bermondsey Street snap. Something sixites maybe in my faux fur coat that again I still have and wear daily. It's from Rokit and so warm. Another beanie this time, unfocused here but it was a lovely burnt orange shade that eventually got all bobbly. Grr! 

WOW! I mean I can LOL to myself now but did I seriously put this on Facebook! People must of thought WTBeep or that I'm posting my normal extra dramatic weekly photo. See I told you I needed an outlet for my crazyness and visionary mind. I do like this look though especially the banging earrings. (Covers face) 

I'm in love with Brighton so whenever I go back I go a little crazy.
SEE I've always been a STRIPE FREAK. About 24 here sat at my desk bored at work. This was before the 'Selfie' title. Which lipstick is that? hmmmm. Channeling Jane Birkin. I frigging love her.

Another blog style snap in the garden. Jumper's vintage from a flee market. Disco leggings Here and bright blue vans Here. 2011

So my friend Ben used to always pick me up on this classic lil scooter. It was freezing but him driving and me on the back was so much fun. Of course I took a picture or two or three or a zillion. 
I attempted to drive it once and didn't realize the gears are on the hand bars to only drive straight into a brick wall. I scuffed the bike and grazed my knee. Forever clumsy! - 2008
Channeling Madge Mad Madonna here with the striking red lip that isn't so striking with my over filter. Nose pierced think fierce. -2008

I had just watched the latest Bond movie at the movies and thought I'd be the next Bond Girl via Facebook. I mean really. Loving the playsuit though. - 2011
About 17 here barefaced at a photo shoot. The kind of 'photo shoot' where it's your mate who has a spare camera. Think we pitched up at a graveyard somewhere on a sunny day. Dress is of course vintage. I think I cut this fringe myself. Over 14 years ago. Wow time has flown and so much has changed.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this kind of random but fun post. 
Now your turn, post any throwback pics below as I'd love to see. 

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

At The Edge of Paradise - Part Four - Deeeeep Down South (ROUTE 66)

From Chicago we are headed south. Deeeeeeep Down South to be exact. Illinois - Missouri - Oklahoma - Texas - New Mexico
We were here exactly a quarter way through our crazy Road Trip journey. Surprised and over the moon that we had made it this far!

First stop Illinois. Now although New York, Niagara and Chicago blew our minds on all separate experiences we were blessed to of shared together. Deep Down South (the start of route 66) it what I came here for. What I got on a plane from England for 8 hours for. This for me is going in deep and experiencing a completely different side to the real America. The grit and dirt of the southern states. The free land and the fresh rustic air. No more shine and polish but we were more than ready. 

The journey from Chicago took 3 and a half hours and as we grew closer to our first destination we immediately noticed the surrounding and landscape change. Something turned and it all became really dry and sandy. Now another thing we forgot to think about before travelling was the weather conditions having such a big important impact on our experience. Especially extreme weather conditions. One minute it's baking of heat, next your in a rain storm. We encountered our first storm along the the way. 

Now obviously it rains in the UK (hello!) but the clouds seemed heavier and lower in the south, the drops were thicker and more loaded. The bucket like drops stayed on our lil 'Thelma's' (car) windscreen for longer, as in the drops didn't trickle off like it does in the UK. Next minute we know we are driving through a full on storm with no vision due to the heavy loads attacking our car. Now the natives are used to this kind of weather saga and as a way to see they all stick their hazards lights on and instead of following the road (because you can't see it) the wife was left to follow the hazard lights of the vehicle in front for guidance. Driving through our first ever storm was a crazy time, we both did the stare of death look to each other (as in we are gonna die look) but we somehow survived and by the end of this road trip we got so used to the storms that we were like oh it's just a storm meh! Okay I'm waffling too much about a bleeding storm for anyone wanting to do Route 66 bare temperamental erratic weather conditions in mind. Oh and you won't die! (survival makes you stronger)

Back to blogging reality and we finally made it to the first historic Route 66 sign we'd seen. We did it! I felt very very happy! Think we kissed it!
Next we went to the official Route 66 museum in Illinois.

We hanged about with the local bikers and I stupidly scalded my right leg on the hot Metallica Harley like a chump but I still felt like a dude, rock hard and loved every single second! (Can we go back?)

From there we headed to our little motel that gave us this little welcome note. See bullet point 8. We thanked them for the tornado tip.Tornado! That's when you know your in deep, deep down south.
Motel aka home somewhere.
***Look away now if you don't like scabby stuff **
My travelling scabby scar to tell the kids about. I think I actually liked my new scar as it has meaning and a story to tell but (southern accent pls) boi id hurt!  
Breakfast: Skillet with biscuit gravy. Everything I ate down south was pretty much deep fried and then deep fried twice more. We ate a lot but (southern accent) boi id taste mighty fine! (Last time)
Gritty story telling diners, lot's of people watching done. We got called ma'am which was just lovely. 
We visited the famous Cadillac Ranch in Texas and left our mark. 'Tracy & Shaz woz ere'. (so Essex) The sprays were given to us by a family travelling locally. I'm not lying or over exaggerating this but every single person we encountered down south were so overly pleasant and friendly. They were delighted to hear all about our lil adventure and the accents that naturally came out of their mouths I wanted to bottle up and use for acting. Southern American is one of my favourite accents as an actress plays by Tennessee Williams and films like True Grit, No Country for Old Men, Mississippi, Colour purple (endless list) all have that unique accent which I'm kind of obsessed with. 
Another thing we noted was time. Everything stood still here.
Next stop Santa Rosa - New Mexico
The famous Blue Hole. Wifey jumped in!
Then we got stormed in. Literally just before her big jump the Big Hole staff member announced via loud speaker that there was an black storm approaching and that the Blue Hole was closing and reopening once the storm had passed. Take cover and don't leave your homes.....okay then.
Home for us. Safety from the storm.
Stormed in!
Once the storm had passed which was pretty flipping scary, loud and I've never seen anything like it. We watched from our motel window with moldy motel blankets around us (backpacking life is real). Very exciting this Living on the Edge of Paradise stuff! We again survived and went to grab some food from the only restaurant in the town which was conveniently across the road. We ate fried food and drank at the bar.
Local bikers that personified effortlessly cool for me. I discretely people watched and listened.

And that's deep down south done. I kind of merged all the different locations together. I wish I took more pictures but at the time we were too busy taking it all in. I will treasure all the vivid pictures in my head forever. I WANT TO GO BACK! Should I go???
Next stop ARIZONA!

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This blog is dedicated to all the dreamers out there. Whatever age you are!


Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Following on from my previous blog post on Body Confidence here. I just wanted to talk a little bit more about a different aspect of what I think helps with inner confidence building. Again as always this post is just a personal thought. I just had the inspiration to share so grab a cuppa and enjoy xxx Oh and let me know your thoughts below J

One of the besties PP competing in a local Strong Women contest (as you do). Yes she lifting a gigantic beyond heavy truck tyre and yes that's me, me geezy and wifey spurring and supporting (screamed a bit) her on from the very intense sidelines. She came third and I think we all cried with proudness (is that a word) that day. Love my gal!

Lift each other 

Now I have to be honest and admit that I’m not a huge lover of written quotes.  But for me this quote really stood out and  I ironically quote 'Hit the nail on the head’, as I think a lot of our inner confidence can come from who we surround ourselves with. Our inner circle if you like.
Now growing up I used to be around people that were slightly...well a bit toxic and on reflection may of not been the kind of friend I needed in my life. ‘Friends’ that would make comments and put me down but in a non obvious way. Or the kind of friend who fed off dramas and loved drawing everyone into the chaos, the mayhem,  the mess that I would always be on hand to clear up. The kind of ‘friend’ that would happily use my time in a not so positive way. The friend who always let me down.  But then it got to a point where I became too tired and emotionally drained from the same tiresome scenarios which like clockwork played out again and again every week. 
So the moment came when I eventually said enough is enough. You my friend are really draining. I can’t handle this friendship anymore. I feel like this is just a using game that I no longer want to be part of.  Whether the game includes my money, time and attention for your benefit only. I’m out. I would then ask myself when did this ‘friend’ actually ask anything about me or ask how I was doing. It just got to a point where I had to let go of certain people from my life. Some may say it’s growing up or growing apart.

Once I did that I found myself much happier and left with people that actually mean everything to me or found real friendships that I can’t live without. The kind of friendship which don't require you to speak every day but it’s just knowing that they are there. They can instantly lift you up. They want you to do well and succeed, they champion you and it’s mutual. I want them to do well, I love seeing them succeed, seeing them happy. Whatever it is I’m there smiling with the biggest joy. I can lift them up and they become more than friends but like a sister hood (nick named bonafides) that I feel proud to call them my friend.

My mother used to tell me ‘Even if you have one true friend, you’ll be happy’.

It may sound silly, cheesy and dramatic but I think that quote is 100% true. I mean I'm definitely not saying drop all you long lasting friendships but to maybe reassess who really matter in your life. Who can encourage the best out of you and lift you higher. Now unfortunately from such a sweet wee age we are trained to be competitive and envious of one another, to look between us with covetousness of looks, materials, love and attention. When I see other women looking and feeling fabulous I’m like ‘Yes Girl with your Fabulous self’.

So to end my post I just wanted to share the inspiring quote which may hopefully inspire others. A post that I hope doesn’t come across preachy but as I’ve written previously let’s start championing each other because We are Fabulous!
'Some of the Bonafides'.


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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Funky 70's Groovy Tights!

Coloured tights are such a great way to funk up an every day outfit. Today instead of opting for an all black ensemble I grabbed my Retrotastic Rustic Burnt Orange Topshop tights to recreate a fun seventies vintage vibe which I thoroughly enjoyed wearing. This look honestly made me feel Fabulous! 

Funky 70's Groovy Tights! Topshop have an array of fun colours to choose from. 

I have to say I am absolutely loving Topshop accessories and shoes at the moment. I had to practically drag myself out of the Oxford Street store the other day as I spotted my dream vintage inspired block heel simple detailed shoes that kept luring me back in. (These Juno Ballet to be precise. So granny chic but I like them quite a bit! Eeeeeek!). 

I styled my fab tights with a lush black suede Aline skirt, a beautiful soft black vintage sheer top, my woolly fluffy camel coat, brown newish (can't now live without) brown pointed boots, usual classic ruby woo red lippy and my new (so in love) faux fur scarf. Never really been into these kinds of faux warmers but I love the stripe effect on this. Also of course being a stripe freak it was a simple must have from my wifey (Birthday gift). 

Don't be afraid to be bold. Why not get your legs out with a bit of colour this winter. Coloured tights are designed to get you noticed. But this lively bold statement can really entice your outfit to scream Pop > BANG> WHIZZ!

Here I am trying to use the vintage Volkswagen Beetle as a prop. Er I'm kind of obsessed with old school classic cars! No one would mind if I borrowed blue for a while would they?

Top: Vintage Similar hereSkirt: Beyond Retro, Similar here
Tights:Topshop (Not on website grrr! But in store :-) Similar hereBoots: TopshophereFaux Fur Scarf: Topshophere 
Lippy:Mac Ruby Woo, here 

Thanks for reading.
Don't forget to let me know if you rock The Coloured Tights Look. 
Go on! You know you want to!

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