Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Birthday Glitz

How the devil are you? I hope your well and dandy. Wow! Seems like I haven't blogged in forever but I'm back with a vengeance, well actually just a little natter about my recent birthday activities that happened last week.

Not sure about you but I LOVE birthdays. I'm not entirely sure why I love them so much but I do. I normally take the day off and spend the time doing something special and getting spruced up into one of my favourite frocks in the evening. For me it's just the one day out of the whole year where I completely treat myself with the thinking and motto of 'You only live once' so why not. I also think as you get older people tend to overlook adults birthdays. Well I like blowing out candles too OKAY and making a wee wish. Every year growing up mum always made sure we had a cake with candles so I guess I get my fondness over the birthday ocassion from her or I'm still a big silly kid! (A bit of both I reckon)

My Birthday Week
My birthday week (yes I also allocate myself a week, hahahaha) started off with a family dinner at our favourite local Italian restaurant called Venerdi on Chatsworth road. My aunt actually introduced me to this little gem quite a while ago and it's now definitely a family favourite that we love continuously coming back to. We adore the fresh food which is always so filling and scrumptious, the fine wines and yummy deserts. Carlos and the team really help create a relaxing vibrant atmosphere with an authentic touch.

The Old Air Field (Somewhere up North)

On the actually celebratory day of my birth I woke up at an airfield that I had luckily been swept away to. We went on a aircraft and various other mini adventures including a wind tunnel and a hovercraft. It was cold and a bit rainy but we still got stuck right in. I love a good challenge and doing things that are a bit different. It was nice to travel up north out of London for the day too. Sitting on a train looking out of the window watching towns pass you by with a yummy hot chocolate is really simply nice. (Anyone else concur?)
Can you spot the hoover craft?
Later that evening I got myself into one of my favourite (lot's of favourites in this post) vintage dresses containing a beautiful blue floral design, threw on my killer Asos heels and headed straight to my favourite local Thai restaurant in town. I got to blow out a candle lit mini birthday cake and made a very special birthday wish for my Rose with a glass of champagne.
The Vintage Birthday Dress.
 Birthday Heels : Asos Shoes Similar Here
So still being my birthday week (I did say I give myself a week hahahahaa). I met up with a few of my girly besties for a Sunday afternoon of indulgent Afternoon Tea, Cakes, Trifles, Chocolate, Sandwiches and Cocktails. We basically stuffed our faces for the afternoon and all became stomach ballooned by the end of it, oh and my best mate knocked over a fancy tea pot in excitement. This all happened at the luxurious little delight off Regent Street posh venue called Sketch

'Celebrated British artist, David Shrigley, has transformed the Gallery at sketch to further our long-term ambition of an artist-conceived restaurant. Opening for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, the project follows the huge success of artist Martin Creed’s restaurant commission at sketch in 2012.
239 new works will line the restaurant’s walls, forming the largest group of original drawings David Shrigley has ever exhibited.
The Gallery at sketch has been refurbished by Paris based architect and designer India Mahdavi, who has created a backdrop for David Shrigley’s artwork. Creating a soothing, monochromatic, strikingly comprehensive interior.' - SKETCH.

The moment I walked in it felt heavenly. I know that's so overly dramatic and stupidly poetic but it's my honest truth as it really did. People that truly know me and have endured my banging on about the vintage era will know that Sketch's creative setting is a spot on perfect place for me. The interior literally blew my mind. A romantic Pink 1950's dinner. The chairs, the copper lights, the floor, the ceiling, the walls. I just couldn't take it all in. No picture will truly capture the beauty of this place. If you love the little details, this is the picture perfect Pink place for you.

Dress: Zara Here
Shoes: Kurt Gieger Carvela Here
Bag: Metro Retro Here
So that's all my Birthday Glitz wrapped up till next year, I had lots of loved up fun amongst my lovely loved ones. I mean I joke and say I give myself a week but why waste the time we do have. Why not live a little......

Thanks for reading,
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Flora Maria

Ps. Sorry the picture qualities aren't the greatest but I was to busy enjoy it all and forgot to take pictures but wanted to share :-)



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