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Following on from my previous blog post on Body Confidence here. I just wanted to talk a little bit more about a different aspect of what I think helps with inner confidence building. Again as always this post is just a personal thought. I just had the inspiration to share so grab a cuppa and enjoy xxx Oh and let me know your thoughts below J

One of the besties PP competing in a local Strong Women contest (as you do). Yes she lifting a gigantic beyond heavy truck tyre and yes that's me, me geezy and wifey spurring and supporting (screamed a bit) her on from the very intense sidelines. She came third and I think we all cried with proudness (is that a word) that day. Love my gal!

Lift each other 

Now I have to be honest and admit that I’m not a huge lover of written quotes.  But for me this quote really stood out and  I ironically quote 'Hit the nail on the head’, as I think a lot of our inner confidence can come from who we surround ourselves with. Our inner circle if you like.
Now growing up I used to be around people that were slightly...well a bit toxic and on reflection may of not been the kind of friend I needed in my life. ‘Friends’ that would make comments and put me down but in a non obvious way. Or the kind of friend who fed off dramas and loved drawing everyone into the chaos, the mayhem,  the mess that I would always be on hand to clear up. The kind of ‘friend’ that would happily use my time in a not so positive way. The friend who always let me down.  But then it got to a point where I became too tired and emotionally drained from the same tiresome scenarios which like clockwork played out again and again every week. 
So the moment came when I eventually said enough is enough. You my friend are really draining. I can’t handle this friendship anymore. I feel like this is just a using game that I no longer want to be part of.  Whether the game includes my money, time and attention for your benefit only. I’m out. I would then ask myself when did this ‘friend’ actually ask anything about me or ask how I was doing. It just got to a point where I had to let go of certain people from my life. Some may say it’s growing up or growing apart.

Once I did that I found myself much happier and left with people that actually mean everything to me or found real friendships that I can’t live without. The kind of friendship which don't require you to speak every day but it’s just knowing that they are there. They can instantly lift you up. They want you to do well and succeed, they champion you and it’s mutual. I want them to do well, I love seeing them succeed, seeing them happy. Whatever it is I’m there smiling with the biggest joy. I can lift them up and they become more than friends but like a sister hood (nick named bonafides) that I feel proud to call them my friend.

My mother used to tell me ‘Even if you have one true friend, you’ll be happy’.

It may sound silly, cheesy and dramatic but I think that quote is 100% true. I mean I'm definitely not saying drop all you long lasting friendships but to maybe reassess who really matter in your life. Who can encourage the best out of you and lift you higher. Now unfortunately from such a sweet wee age we are trained to be competitive and envious of one another, to look between us with covetousness of looks, materials, love and attention. When I see other women looking and feeling fabulous I’m like ‘Yes Girl with your Fabulous self’.

So to end my post I just wanted to share the inspiring quote which may hopefully inspire others. A post that I hope doesn’t come across preachy but as I’ve written previously let’s start championing each other because We are Fabulous!
'Some of the Bonafides'.


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