Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas and I

Another slightly random post from me this week. It's just something I've been feeling recently so I thought why not share. Tis the season!
Now let's talk about the C....Christmas! The C season for me carries a mixture of many emotions.  One minute I'm the ultimate biggest fan of the C and want to wear C jumpers all day and dance around London singing 'Rocky Robin' or wack on my Pentatonix C album. (I love them, cheesy but they make me smile, if you haven't heard of them you need to!) but in that same minute if I'm honest I feel very overwhelmed by it all.
But I've come to realize that I bring the swamping feeling completely 100% on myself. Every year I vow to be more adult-like, organised and do all my C shopping by October latest. Does that happen......Er hell frigging NO (clutches head!) So this year once again I'm sat writing a last minute stressful 'who and what to buy for' list. Now I obviously know what my taste is but it's the buying for others part that I actually dread. I love giving gifts and like mine to have a bit of meaning and not just be a flat-boring-bog standard grab from 'The Body Shop' example like gift. But then I stress myself out thinking but what if they like 'The Body Shop'. I mean I'm into arty farty crap but my family may not be. I dread the inner disappointed smiley faces 'Yeah it's lovely' expressions. But then I think but they love me and it's the thought that counts right. Can you see my dilemma? Am I being ludicrous? Am I thinking way too much? YES! Then you have to deal with the location of the Westfields, the Oxford Circus the madness that had me literally walking in circles in Next kids last week. I mean SOS! Is there not a self help group for Christmas anxiety as I think I definitely need it.

In the end I tend to give up, leave and buy wine! But it never used to be like this. I once used to be super organised and embodied a Zoo Loo warrior attack for my beeline C shopping goods....maybe this is a first sign of ageing....I can't physically hack the build up to Christmas any more. I'm getting too old for it...What!

To add to whatever the cause in my silly head is I suddenly feel like I have a billion nieces, nephews and lots of little people in my life. These little people grow every year. I love my little people but what are their size's? Will they like face paints? Will they like Peppa f-ing Pig?@@@@&*. Okay I think you are getting what I'm rambling on about here. The funny thing is I love the actually day of CHRISTMAS and aim to spend it quite belly wide on merriment. It's the surrounding pressure that I put on myself that I'm currently figthing with.

How are you dealing with Christmas? Are there some aspects you love and some parts you'd prefer to skip like me? Honestly I would love to hear your thoughts xx

Thanks for reading a slightly muffed (is that a word) post that I've actually enjoyed sharing. I'm now off to do More C Shopping. Wish me luck! :-)

Crimbo Jumper is from a vintage shop that I can't remember (sorry), boyfriend jeans are from Rokit. So versatile I love them! Pumps are Topshop..


Ps. I know Christmas is bundles more than a simple gift. It's about have a jolly good time with the ones you love to love. 


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