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I absolutely love fabrics and enjoy injecting different textures to my wardrobe. Last season I became slightly obsessed with Suede. (Suede post here) And this season or let's say in the last two weeks I've become very fashion haunted by the idea of wearing Velvet. I just really like how the super smooth soft texture looks. So it's the perfect time to add a touch of new velvet to my ever evolving (Bursting! Eeek!) wardrobe. 

Once again stuck without the choice but to spend a spare half hour in the west end I found myself in a vintage shop fashion hunting, Rokit Covent Garden to be exact which is where I purchased this gorgeous velvet maxi split skirt at a fabulous sale price of £2. Yes Two QUID! It's vintage so I was expecting a visible loose stitch, tear or stain mark but nothing of the sort was seen. :-) 

Above I've styled my new skirt with a vintage chocolate brown polo knit jumper from Mint Vintage, big fedora hat (of course), lace up Mero Retro ankle booties (love them), faux fur Rokit coat and my Beyond Retro literally stuck to my hand satchel bag. 

I'm so happy the sun came out for this shoot! Spring is coming dears!
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