Friday, 19 February 2016


Sweet Florals

Spring is here! Spring is HERE!!! Can we all do a happy CHEER!! Yaaaaaay! (unintentional rhyme) Excuse the cheesy sing song and call me weird but I'm honestly so happy that Spring is finally here. I've literally spent the last month or so dreaming of this exact moment. DAMN IT I just can't take this cold no more!!! Okay I really need to stop using so many exclamation marks and calm down. (breathe) I just always feel like my mood for the day is heavily dictated by the weather around me. I also feel like my fashion mind is ready for a climate change. Bye thick knits! (sorry winter lovers) 

My new season happiness may be a little premature as I haven't actually checked with the season master (google) whether it's technically or officially Spring yet, but I'm thinking if I act like it's spring and the sun is shining then it's spring. (How many times can I write the word Spring!)

Now with a wardrobe spring in my step (no pun intended) I hunted for my favourite spring like dress.......Voila The Hippy Patchwork Print Pink Dress (alliteration bonus points) that I purchased from Zara last year as I treat for my birthday. I just had to have it as soon as I spotted this beauty in the Westfield branch. 

Now you probably know that I'm slightly obsessed with the subtle yet effective detailing of a garment and this pretty number is of course full of them. Firstly I love the elegantly long sleeves, round neck and the perfect midi length skirt, (such a favourable creation, thanks designer gods) which instantly makes me feel like a lady. Equally the epic print patchwork pinks which scream hippy chic for me and lastly the exoctic fabric which is soooooooo silky on the skin. 

dress:here, boots: similar here, unisex sweatshirt:here, sunglasses:here

You can dress this piece up for the evening by adding heels and accessories, or down like moi. As I was just heading out to run a few daily errands I threw on my cosy black sweatshirt jumper (which is another wardrobe staple ladies) and my favourite ankle boots. I think the black contrasting help the flash of colour to really stand out. I like to mix match my pieces especially items that you wouldn't necessarily piece together. A timeless dress with an edgy black boot will always get a sunny fashion freak nod from me.

Let me know what you think of this look?

Thanks for reading. 

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