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Hello, I hope you're well. In today's post I thought I'd share with you a few recent fashion picks which I've been deliberating over & basically eyed up alot recently. I'll try not to digress too much (so I don't click n buy) and keep this short and sweet.

1. Paisley Print Tunic You just can't beat a paisley print, especially if it's in the form of a summery tunic.  This dress screams 'ME' ticking all my 'buy me' boxes - colour, cut, design and print are all nicely detailed. I can just picture myself wearing this beauty with my suede brown platforms sipping a cold cocktail in the baking heat somewhere....Majestic....(short and sweet woman!) 
2. Nike Benassi Sliders or Slyders as I've seen written. I've wanted pool sliders since I saw Rob Kardashian (Yes I wrote Robert K lol and yes I've always had a crush on him!) wearing a pair of navy Adidas one's looking super sleek and chilled. These on my feet this summer with a pair of denim cut off shorts will make me very very comfortably happy! 
3. Pink Dusty Leather Summer Sandals Oh my Gosh! blush! lush! So dreamy, granny chic, and so me! I feel like I'm unable to write or think too much about these as I will actually have to buy them! Moving swiftly on......
4. Cateye Gold Metal Sunglasses I'm constantly wearing my classic raybans (which I still looooove) and fancy something a bit non classic and different. The bold features on these bad boys are pretty out there but not too bad in price if I loose them at a summer festival. (Duh!) Anything quirky and a nod towards the eighties gets my vote! I popped these on in store and had to pries myself away from them.....Last but not least......
5. The Pink Back Shack  Since purchasing my mint vintage brown back pack in Spring I haven't looked back pack shack back (lol......I'm not normal). I seriously have no idea why I've been 'the crazy bag lady' for the past 500 years lugging around at least two heavy bags daily (handbag, then separate bag for crap like stuff. i.e water, umbrella, trainers, book, script, makeup bag, phone charger, dirty tissue, hayfever tablets, hairspray, old chewing gum, Ipad and any other unneeded rubbish). Well no more and hopefully if I buy this bright bag I can fit all my crap in one and less of it!

So there it is, my current summer fashion picks. As always many thanks for the read. And please do let me know your current fashion 'to buy OR not to buy' deliberation's?

Wishing you a lovely evening. 



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