Monday, 6 June 2016


Suit: Topshop here and here, Bag: Vintage, similar here, Sandals: ZaraSimilar here.

I recently watched an amazing documentary on Netflix which I can't stop telling everyone about called IRIS. An 80 minute insight into the life of the beautiful fashion icon Iris Apfel. Now I have to be honest and say that I didn't really know who Iris was until I randomly stumbled across her life, shown through the documentary. And whilst watching I constantly found myself nodding along to her honest life quotes such as “I don't have any rules because I would be constantly breaking them, so it's a waste of time”,or “I don't see anything so wrong with a wrinkle. It's kind of a badge of courage". And just her general view on fashion and style. All of her vast vintage collection of clothing and stunning remarkable jewellery pieces are shown through her vibrant New Yorker character. Her excitement about life (even being ill), witty humour and fun spirit at 94 years old has left quite a big impression on me.

So with Iris Apfel now highly inspiring my life I decided to do a major de-clutter of my entire dull wardrobe. It took a wee while, but now with three big black bags (old clothing) full and summer boot sale ready. (I do love a boot sale, do you?) It's the perfect time to inject a BIG bit of colour into my wardrobe life! 

I've seen co-ords around for a while now but to be honest not really seen anything I actually liked. I remember trying one on in River Island for a wedding last year and not feeling fully happy in it, I just decided that maybe coordinate suits weren’t really for me. Aha! That was until I saw the gorgeous mix of red, pink, rust, burgundy, orange, camel, yellow, white and black beaming a strong (buy me now) glow towards me in a recent Topshop visit with my bestie Natalie in my old local Lakeside, Essex. 1. I never ever go to Lakeside anymore since moving to London and 2. I don’t really have a 2, but I do know that I instantly fell in love with this classic Aztec piece. I went on to do that thing of not buying the combo there and then, (in lakeside) but unable to stop my thoughts of thinking about it two days later (don’t you hate when that happens) I just had to have it! It’s crazy that I fashion blog but overall I genuinely don’t actually shop a lot. (okay I need to stop justifying my purchase lol!)
just found it very very very hard to resist the open front, cropped, long sleeved sharp tailored fiece jacket and super sleek matching high waisted a-line skirt. A stunning classic finish and beautiful Aztec design. I genuinely know that I’ll gain so much wear out of this suit, together and individually as a separate statement piece. Speaking of statement, this suit is definitely a powerful focus piece that probably isn’t as versatile as my other wardrobe items, but I do know it’s also not a trend led piece that I’d throw out in a couple of months. I'm hoping it will last me throughout all of summer and the next couple of years. (Expect a lot of pictures on my instagram! oops)
Now I just want to quickly add that I am aware that I do have a safety formula of an a-line mini skirt baring my legs, but in my defense it’s just what I feel my most fabulous and comfortable in. And for me that's what I think fashion is all about. My obsession with the swinging sixites and seventies inspired mini skirts will never bore me. Even when I’m 94!

Style and Look
really wanted to keep this look super fresh and fun.So with that in mind I bunged my plaits up into a big pony tail and searched for my 60’s inspired patent white ankle strap Zara sandals, moi pop of bright-yellow, leather vintage envelope clutch and me basic v soft white blouse. As always I haven't added too much bling in jewellery but please do feel free to dress this look up with a statement necklace, bracelet or 90’s black choker. (I just don’t tend to wear much jewellery :-) 

think this look is a perfect way to add a bit of colour to your summer and I'm already looking forward to rocking this suit at a family garden party (love them), date night, girls night, christening, birthday, engagement do and quite alot as separate pieces too! I think you could even rock this look at a wedding.

What do you think of this funky look?

My Look
My Style

Thank you for reading!

PS. Also have to add, please envisage blue clear sunny skies and pink fluffy big clouds for this post. As I ironically decided to shoot this colorful piece on the gloomiest dullest day of the year. Low slung grey clouds were fighting against our shoot last week but with the only day available to shoot we just got on with it and did the best we could. Duh! Typical! (I moaned alot) Love you really London xxx


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  1. One thing that was great about this place (and that allowed us to plan it in a short timeframe without losing our minds) was that food, alcohol and rentals are all in house so no extra vendors to deal with. Also the view from wedding venues NYC was amazing!