Sunday, 3 July 2016


Trousers: here, Platforms: Office, Similar here, Shirt & Bag: Rokit.

Well hello, O M G! How amazing is my new and improved blogging space. I'm so fabulously happy with the outcome and I really hope you like it too! It's been a loooooooong time coming! Ok I've already used three exclamation marks so I really do need to calm the heck down. 

I'm also quite (VERY-MUCH) excited about these amazing things coating my legs right now called 'The Kick Flare'. I've literally been wearing them all day and they are honestly so comfortable that I don't want to take them off!!

A smooth soft light cotton in texture, pale yet striking burnt orange in colour (a fav), added oversized pockets and of course not forgetting the 'KICK FLARE'. I mean what else can you ask for in a trouser ay?? Especially if you're obsessed with the 70's fashion like moi. These are So 70's and I'm absolutely loving the modern day crop update on the traditional breeches.

At only £18.00, yes £18 smack-a-roo's (with a Bohoo on day discount) it was a complete no-brainer purchase for me. Now I have to be honest and would no way take any credit for the flare online find. As this discovery was all down to this lovely lady-pagesbymegan, who I spotted wearing them via her instagram page recently. I've been reading Megan's blogs for a while now as she is one hot babe who I can really relate to. Her beautiful positive fun spirit translates through her writing and individual style. And any girl who promotes body confidence and dressing 'how the heck you like' gets my vote. If you can, get to know her as she's pretty fabulous! 
Styling wise I popped on my fun paisley green and yellow retro 70's-big-collared-shirt, a brown-long-swing satchel and a staple pair of neutral cork suede platforms. The shirt and heels have been in my wardrobe for many years now. I never get bored of them both and I'm actually surprised how long they've lasted me as I wear them both allot. You just can't beat a classic pair of platforms and a new BIG ASSSSS KICK IN YOUR FLARE.......

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