Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Straight off the plane from Gatwick airport from working four days in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. I've felt hugely obliged to write this wee little catch up blog post. Especially as I've been a bit blogging behind of late, with a host of blog content screaming 'POST' at me. My backlog is mainly due to recently being cast in the latest Zales commercial. Zales kindly flew myself and five other cast members to Barcelona to shoot the commercial. Shot and directed by John Dolan and produced by Smile Films, we all had a whirlwind amazing time! (feeling quite blessed) The commercial will mainly be aired in The States as Zales is an American brand, so I'll definitely share the commercial once live.

So aside from my recent acting work I just wanted to share how I've been personally feeling of late, which is an overwhelming sense of Happiness and Joy. The crazy emotions of feeling extremely happy with life. Now in the past when I used to feel like this I would like clockwork, feel the exact same amount of dread and worry that something bad is bound to happen, leaving me feeling worried about actually feeling happy (I hope this makes sense). I also felt like some people don't like it when your a 'Positive Polly Anna'. And to be fair I'm normally that person who can't stand over positive quotes or preachers of life but this year I am that person (but hopefully not in an annoying way lol). I've been listening to really upbeat pop songs and ditched my depressing slow tunes. I'm watching films that make me laugh instead of dreary sad ones and just generally changed my outlook on life. I now just tell the universe what is it that I actually want from this life and its working. 
I'm in the best relationship of my life with my best friend for life. I'm getting to work and meet some amazing people weekly. I'm getting to travel the world and I just want it all to continue and only I can do that by putting out what I want to receive.

My mum passing away of course affected us all and I unfortunately suffered from a bit of depression in the past, and that triggered it. It's taken me a long time to get to this 'happy place'.....I'm actually getting quite emotional writing this....but its not a sadness thing, it's a joyful thing! 

I just wanted to basically say to you that happiness is yours. I promise you it's available to you. If you can try and put out into the universe what you actually want. Jot it on a bit of paper and stick it on your wall and look at it every day, I'm just a spiritual person and you have to believe when your time is right. 
I've always believed that I'm going to make it and I will make it. Others may not believe me or may think I'm living in la la land and to be honest I do live in la la land, but I like that place! My picture, my vision of life is possible and I'll get there. Don't get me wrong of course I've had doubts in the past but that is the past.

I just wanted to open up with you and share my true feeling to hopefully inspire others. I know what I want from life and you can too.....You just have to be ready to receive it and say YES. :-)

khaki 50's jacket/shirt: mint vintagesimilar here-mintvintage & here-top shop.
slogan t-shirt: mint vintage, here-UO & here-rokit.
sandals: very old from h&m, similar-Office & here-H&M
back shack: mint vintage
sunnies: Rokit (couldn't find them online but you can find them in your local store store-locator here)


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