Friday, 16 September 2016


I'm not sure about you but I get a real twiddle in my toes when I'm stuck still in one place for far too long. So I like to venture out and about as much as I can. I feel so blessed to live in a city that has about a million-gazillion active options consistently happening around me, that I'm literally spoilt for choice. Whether that be a stroll to my local park, a trip to the museum/gallery, a simple pop to my favourite vintage shop, a visit to borough market, a walk along the south bank, train ride up north or even a little drive to the countryside. I just love exploring, talking to new people and seeing what little beauties I may find. You don't necessarily have to travel abroad to discover something new and my little ventures are normally quite spontaneous which makes them even more enjoyable......

I'm lucky that I've always had acting as a true passion that enables me to remain focused in every aspect of my life. It's a career choice that's part of who I am basically. But I do occasionally think what the hell would I be doing without it?....If you can why not explore something that you've always wanted to do. That thing that you constantly mention in conversation but shrug off! You could initially start it as a little hobby and see where it takes you....from knitting, calligraphy writing to salsa dancing...whatever the heck it is why not give it a go.....(yes you!)

And If you don't have any idea as to what inspires you why not volunteer yourself into a few different activities in your local community. Last weekend I volunteered to perform puppetry at the Hackney ONE Carnival here which I've never ever done before. And of course I was over thinking beforehand 'will I be able to do it', 'what are the people going to be like blah blah', and I can honestly say I had the best day ever! Helped with the magical beaming sunshine I really didn't want it all to end. I met lot's of lovely people (from all walks of life), and I also danced with a 70 year old woman who told me she never dances anymore (a sweety). I just think there's so many amazing courses and activities going on around us that it seems silly not to take up a new opportunity. I completely understand that stepping out of the everyday norm can be tough but once you've made that first vital step towards something new it can be so frigging liberating.....


I have to admit I've found this topic a little harder to articulate on paper without sounding preachy or like my dad (preach). So I firstly drink bundles and bundles amounts of still water every day. I know I overuse the words 'obsessed' and 'addicted' quite a lot BUT I am pretty much 'addicted' to the clear stuff, and have been all through my teenage years. I've always disliked the taste of fizzy drinks, unless it's mixed with an alcholic beverage. And I just find water keeps me hydrated and clears my 'living in the smoke' skin. I don't like to deprive myself of anything and like to eat in moderation, keeping a well rounded, balanced diet. I'm a pest because I only eat fish (pescatarian) occasionally and I pretty much annoy all my meat eating friends and family, but that's just me. I never ever count calories or diet (yuk!) and NEVER EVER weigh myself (NEEEVER). I just generally enjoy eating healthy foods. It makes me feel fabulous inside and out! I love finding new recipes, making my every day meals different and more enjoyable. I don't really have a sweet tooth unless its that 'time of the month', and I'm obsessed with the Thai cuisine, especially a hot pad thai which I could easily eat every single day. I try to eat organic but it's so expensive but sooooo worth it for the freshness in taste. I also try to stick to gluten free because the uncomfortable bloating is real but then the doughnut that I'm in the mood for is sometimes more real and worth the bloat. 

I do think seeing a parent become really ill did subconsciously make me rethink what I was exactly putting into my body. 'What can I do to keep my cells healthy and energised'. But in saying that I don't over obsessive because quite frankly life is too damn short (I may do a more detailed post on my daily diet (food not diet) and share a few of my favourite recipes with ya! #Thatbloglist).


I've mentioned on my recent favourites post that I'm obsessed with my local park. Whether that's running laps like a sweaty mess or just a casual stroll. I just think we have so much noise and distractions going on in our lives, which can tamper with the mind at times. And for me running or walking is a necessity to immediately clear that clouding feeling. I totally zone out and finish feeling exhausted, refreshed and super empowered. It's like running reminds me of how strong I am (Again kind of difficult to jot the feeling but after your first run you'll get exactly what I mean). Don't get me wrong there are days when I'm dragging my heels literally finding any and every excuse under the sun NOT to get out there and run, but that post feeling run is utterly worth it. 

I also like to practice yoga twice a week at home (I used to go to classes). I'm not sure what yoga I do as I know there is a long list of varied different styles but I just stretch a lot basically, and my current favourite position is the tree (why does that sound dirty?). Moving on I also attend a fabulous Zumba classes every Monday. I can't stress enough how enjoyable the sessions are! The teacher is fiercely amazing at getting me jigging and wiggling all over the place. It's not really focused on the 'Zumba Technique' but more on feeling dance free with a huge beaming smile on your face. Some people take it quite seriously but I just go to wiggle my cheeks a bit at the back for an hour! I know everyone bangs on about exercise but it's because it's all true lovelies...

I'm busy dancing around Notting Hill while everyone else is busy planning bleeding Christmas! I try not to think too far ahead and don't fixate myself on time. I like to live in the now and take that all in. Never wishing days, months or years away. My job is so unpredictable so I never actually know where or what I'll be doing tomorrow let alone next week. I take each day as it comes and try not to pressure myself with golden time worries. 

So there you have it just a little personal share of my top five super ways to Feel Super BLEEDING Fabulous! The best wealth in life is always priceless........



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