Monday, 31 October 2016


As I'm literally jumping off the walls with excitement over the thought of celebrating my 32nd birthday this week! (Birthday’s are such a big deal for me.) I thought I'd share with you my personal thoughts on good OLD AGEING. So as I've mentioned I'm about to turn the ripe vibrant age of 32. Now looking at me and as I'm constantly being told I don't apparently look 31 years of age.  On many occasions I'm always directly informed that I look like I'm in my late teens or early 20’s. Which I  guess is a huge compliment right? (Are we all still dying to stay young?) 

But I've recently slowly started to become more and more frustrated on the voluntary observation over my looks. My arm hairs instantly fly up and I just become deeply frustrated. And for the life of me I couldn’t think why I was naturally feeling like that after a supposed compliment. I kept asking myself ‘What is wrong with you woman?'. Surely I should be jumping with joy over my apparent keep of youth. Then it drastically dawned on me (after talking to my sister) as to why I was having such unnerving reservations over consistently being remarked upon.  

My disliking issue stemmed from what society or people expect me to look like at 31. I really wanted to fire back with 'What do you expect me to look like?, old drab or haggard?'. So basically I look young in their eyes in comparison to what they perceive a 'Normal' 30ish woman should look like. So without even knowing they are implying that I don't fit the mould of a '30+' year old woman. I mean you may think a simple compliment surely can't  run that deep but I actually think it can........
Now usually after the compliments come the next questioning of marital status and children. I usually reply with 'Nope no kids yet', and then the next sentence from them follows with something along the lines of 'Awwww that's why you look so young'. The light addressing conversations are always spoken in a jovial tone, making the passing commentary seem okay. Then the next sentence is normally 'Are you married?', or if it's a distant relative 'When are you two getting married?, I usually reply with not yet. This normally leaves them baffled and unsettled, but was laugher still in tow. So basically the reason why I look so fucking young MUST BE because I have no children and I'm not married yet. LIKE SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUDGE!!

I mean c'mon we are in 2016 for goodness sake. Yes I do preach old fashion granny vintage style but I ain't that dated darling! It's insulting on so many different levels because they are implementing the fact that (in their eyes) when I do become a mum there is no way in hell I can look so young or 'good'. I mean in these eyes I'm a complete mystery to them. I'm unplaceable in the very world they live in. I'm a fucking actress for fuck sake, I hardly follow suit do I! So essentially when you hit past 30 you're not allowed to care and express yourself through style or beauty because its deemed as selfish, shallow and materialistic. You have to get married and produce lots of babies. The end. 

Grrrrrrr it really infurates me that this kind of ignorance is still frigging normal. These throw away comments are actually NOT ok. From the age of 27 I did begin to count down the months until I hit the big 30. But then it got to a point where I was not really giving a DAMN about age, and when I did get to 30 on the actually day I felt liberated but I expected more I mean my head didn't explode! (Anti Climax) I know some people say they start to know who they are and feel more confidence. Well I've known who I was from the day I came out of my momma's womb (TMI!!) so that wasn't needed for me!
I personally blame the Club 18-30 parties (If you remember them, Hahaha) for instilling that fun must stop at 30 ethos into our open young brains. Well I don't stick to the bloody rules mate. I am who I am and if you don't like it jog on. I can't let people full of fear harness my own dreams and aspiration. 

The crazy thing is and as you've probably noticed from my last 'Get To Know Me More' post. I'm absolutely besotted with children, like I've been broody since I was legit 16. I love children and had my baby name list made years ago (I have my names). I'm crazy about my beautiful nieces, nephews, god-children and friend's children. And I can't wait to start my own eccentric hippy family but I'll do it in my own time on my own journey not on anybody elses. So go stuff your passive agreesive comments somewhere else. I want to surround myself with people who don't give a monkies about you're bloody age, or what you do for a job (such a boring question), or how much money you got in the bleeding BANK. STUFF THAT! I pass no judgement people........

So to sum up this wordy not a rant but 'Age Blog' post. I'll always be forever young because that's my outlook on life! My mother engraved that trait within me and my siblings. And I'll carry that motto on to my own little babies. I'm fabulous, spirited and eternally young at 32! (In a few days)..........AND SO ARE YOU!

Ps. Of course I'm not stating everybody has this type of ignorance, I'm just pointing out the few that do! MWAH!



  1. AMEN!! I am 33 and all of those things have been happening for years now. No I am not married, I do not have kids, is that cool? Uh, the judgement which is so so backdated. Actually still not sure that those are things I really want. I mean, I know for sure that I want to live in Paris for a few months. I know THAT more than I know if I could be bothered getting married. Go ahead judge me every relative and ex-class mate from High School! haha
    I think I have written a similar rant or two post like this over the years. I friggen loved reading this one! You are a gem!! Do not change!
    xx Jenelle

  2. Hahahaha hey hun I normally laugh it off but every now and then it gets a bit boring and old. I'm all about celebrating the time that we have and doing things my own way. Glad you share my feeling. Happy 30's I say. XXx