Friday, 3 February 2017


As you know I've been living in London for quite a wee while now
(apparently twelve years and counting to be exact, seriously wtf!) and through the hustling craziness of our beloved city I quite often miss and overlook many historic British Landmarks. I'd say 99% of the time that's due to my behind timeness (definitely not a word), trying to reach a certain destination, very rarely looking up to really view the beauty right in front of me. It simply takes a moment with a friend (Margarita Karenko) to make you realise why on earth you live in this cra cra Landaaan City. 

At that time casually shooting around the westminster area I distinctly remember noticing Margarita's face light up with pure joy. I asked her why she was beaming so much (she literally couldn't stop smiling) and said 'It's because Big Ben is my love of London, my favourite spot in fact'....I looked around Westminster Bridge and noticed how large groups of people were swarming around this treasured tourist attraction (London receives 16 million a year! What!!). People literally stumbling over each other (and dodging red buses) just to catch a glimpse of Ben.

Observing all this really did get me thinking...Had I Started To Take London for Granted?......Yes, we all know that there are plenty of cons laid in this sought after town (house overpricing, dirty tube lines, very expensive gin). And yes we also know that London isn't just one dreamy instagram filter (but we like the dream). But me being the happy Pollyanna that I am wanted to personally share 'The Top 5 Reasons to Love London'.

1 /CREATIVE OPPORTUNITY || The Acting/showbiz industry is based directly in the heart of the west end, central London and outskirts. Agents, producers, directors, casting agents, brands, casting studios, drama schools, voice companies, rehearsal space, production companies, voice studios, you name it is all based here. Hidden away in SOHO are some of the best British film production companies and distributors in the world. All the meetings and castings I have are usually always held in central London (on the odd occasion you maybe asked to go to a meeting opportunity up north but mainly all located centrally). And then of course theatre westend land is all available here too. A  huge variety of shows and plays to choose from which again is great for that needed inspiration. 

2 /VINTAGE FASHION || Being the vintage fashion freak that I am one of the first things you see me do when not in London is hunt for the local vintage clothing shop (I did tell you I was obsessed). I literally search into google and source where my next one off purchase will be. And lovely as the outer stores are nothing comes close (unfortunately, do tell me if you know some fab ones) to the quality that you gain here in London. Places like Stokey, Dalston, Shoreditch and Notting Hill are my go-to ultimate hotspots. I just find the calibre of vintage pieces available more current and in keeping to my personal style that I love to share with you (interesting vintage made modern I guess)).

**The fashion style stakes are as you can imagine just sooooooo incredibly innovative and eccentric in London (hello Kate Moss and Naomi Cambell).  You can gain huge fashion inspo just by street style stalking along oxford street all day if you wanted to. You feel like anything goes here style wise and it's not like people are trying to stand out either or overally trying to impress, it's just how they naturally dress. (I think my younger self scouted that when first visiting London and instantly knew I had to move!) 

3 /ART || Again there is literally so many galleries, museums and art studios here in London to visit. Musically although so many old school venues are shutting down (Egg Noooooo), London will always have a huge music creative scene, with endless gigs, club nights, live shows, comedy, dance and performances that you can get out and see....Again a BIG variety.

4 /CULTURE || Sometimes I could quite easily be walking down the street and succulently be swept away by the aromatic smells that lead me straight to a new appetizing restaurant (although there are parts of London that can you lead you to not so appealing areas, especially if you get lost like I used to! OOPS...but hey-ho). The social scene here is grand with every eatery cuisine at your disposable. Tons of bars/pubs that do amazing grub, plus plenty of food markets and organic local farmers markets too (Love Borough Market...oooh I should really do that London food guide, arrrrrgh). Crazy how much choice you can get really, I just love how vibrant this gigantic city is with so many different parts of London that I am still yet to visit...

5 /POSSIBILITIES || London personally captures a similar air and grace of New York City for me, where each absolute possibility is achievable from all walks of life. All backgrounds and all spirits.  It's a vibrant boiling pot of opportunity just brewing waiting to happen (what the heck does that even mean hahahaha!). You want to start a new business - go start a course, you want to learn spanish - go take a course, you want to learn to zumba dance whilst ice skating - go join a club. London literally is full of choice and dreams which cheesy as it sounds is all true. 

I know London isn't everyones cup of tea and yep of course there are plenty of other beautiful cities that possess wonderful characteristics, but for me (and now maybe you) there's just something so special about this city that hasn't tired me yet...... 


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