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You know Margarita as the delightful street style photographer behind the majority of my fashion images. But this week I really wanted to share a few of her fabulous photography secrets with you. Here are her top 7 (between me and you only lols!).......Enjoy x 

What inspired you to become a photographer?
Years ago, I was inspired by a close friend of mine who bought a camera and started doing photo magic. By that time, I had already graduated the arts school and was looking for something that could combine my passion for the visual arts and modern technology.

How do you balance your schedule as a freelance photographer and life?
It’s the hardest part of being a freelancer, haha! For me, the most difficult thing is to separate my personal life and my business life. I guess I’m the kind of a person who’s always worried about everything, and therefore I take my responsibilities way too seriously. But sometimes I manage to stop myself and say “OK it’s my day off today and I need to rest", so I can be extra productive tomorrow”.
How do you honestly find the street style-fashion-photography industry?
I love it! It’s a great fusion of portrait, fashion and lifestyle photography.

Where did you train to become a photographer?
I’m all self taught and I’m still growing every day as a photographer. We can never stop learning!

What camera/lens do you recommend and what camera are you currently using?
Canon, Canon, Canon! I love my new Canon 5d Mark IV and my old 85 mm lens.

How do you gain the majority of your work?
My clients find me via Google seach and Instagram

What one photography tip would you give to anyone thinking about starting out as a streetstyle photographer?
Being a street style photographer is pretty much like being a portrait fashion photographer, so I believe the number one priority is good communication with a model.  And a clear understanding of the concept of the project. Mix and combine full looks with close-ups, let yourself be creative with angles and make sure you are using the appropriate gear (camera, lens etc).

What are the pros/cons of streetstyle photography shoots on location?
The pros are - a freedom to choose the background and angles you want, the beauty of natural light and the use of real environments (rather than studio). The cons are things beyond our control, such as pants weather (lovely London!) and a whole audience watching and staring way too much at times, haha.

What is the one item of your wardrobe that you couldn't possibly live without?
My black leather River Island pants.

Which track or album do you currently have on repeat?
A mix of melodic progressive house tracks.

Which bloggers/youtubers are you currently style stalking?
Instagram has taken over me completely! I spend hours looking at thousands of photos so there’s little time left for blogs and YouTube channels to be honest!

Which Instagram feed gives you your daily inspiration?
There are so many! I love seeing flowers and architecture in my feed, a bit of food and travel, of course. I also enjoy following a few fashion bloggers to keep up with the trends.

Is there an iconic photographer who's work you aspire to?
I like Annie Leibovitz, Mario TestinoEmily Soto to name a few.

What's your current favourite beauty product in your handbag?
I can’t live without eyebrow products by NYX cosmetics.

There you have a little insight behind fashion street style photography. Margarita is an absolute joy of mutual support, and I'll never forget her saying to me it's not about the quantity but about the quality. So many street style photographers didn't really want to know when I enquired about working with them, so I'm so glad they didn't because I wouldn't of met Margarita. 

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Thanks for reading xx

Photography | Margarita Karenko


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