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This is Noof McEwan, currently gracing our TV screens as DC Hicham Cherradi in ITV hit crime drama Vera (8 million viewers weekly), acting alongside double Oscar nominated actress Brenda Blethyn and a host of other TV greats! Noof has also just wrapped on the movie Entebbe starring Rosamund Pike, and Daniel Bruhl. He also just wrapped on short film Oksijan working with Emmy award winning director Edward Watts and Oscar winning director of photography Michael Paleodimos. He will also be seen in Warner Bros blockbuster The Mummy this June with Tom Cruise. Noof is currently filming BBC comedy/drama Love Lies and Records written by Kay Mellor (Band of Gold, Fat Friends, The Syndicate) alongside Ashley Jensen. It's Bleeding mouth full right!! And he's still only at the beginning! Let's find out how Noof (Scottish of Moroccan berber descent) has done it shall we. 

1| Noof, quite simply how have you done it mate?
Noof: Hard work, passion, determination and self belief that I will do what I want to do, which is act.

2| I've seen your vast dvd collection (over 1,000) as you're obviously a film/TV fan. Where did your fascination of film come from?
N: Since I was a kid, I used to watch films with my dad and older siblings. Mostly westerns so I grew up with a huge variety of films, which opened my eyes to a lot of the films that I was probably way too young to watch at the time. I remember after watching Star Wars - A New Hope and feeling completely blown away by it, which made me want to become an actor. I just wanted to do what they did. Make an imaginary place seem real. Actually it would be such a pinnacle moment to work on a film like Star Wars, as it's a complete 360 from a childhood dream. 

3| Wow! Love to see you star in a Star Wars film one day! In fact I know you will be in a Star Wars film one day! Talking of dreaming big what do you think any inspiring actors need in order to succeed in this industry?
N: You need passion, a clear head, great support and a mad desire. And just a true love for what you do. Don't give up, and be at peace with who you are. Forget jealousy or envy when you're not getting work because you have to remember everyone has their own path in life. I really like this saying 'An ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of theory'.  

4| Wise words! Being an actress I'm often asked 'How on earth do you remember all of the lines?'. Can you tell us your personal method?
N: Humans have a photographic memory, so when we're trying to learn text we don't respond very well by just reading it. Writing down the lines really helps the process along quicker, rather than just reading. There's also a visual method you can try which is done by using different colours from to assist your picture memory. You draw a big circle on a blank page and if your line is for e.g. 'Let's go to Baltimore', you draw a picture in the centre of the circle of a car, and stick men going along a road with a sign that points to Baltimore in 2 miles, it can be anything that reminds you of the line. So the picture symbolises the line in your head. I mean everyone is different and that method may not work for everyone, but do try it.  Or you could record your lines and listen to them on speaker, then write them down. 
Feature film, Weird Love.

5| Fabulous! We've touched on film but your talents has also threaded the boards at plenty of recognised theatres including the Hampstead Theatre and Almeida Theatre, here in London. What has been your favourite role to play on stage?
N: My favourite character to play on stage would have to be the role of Demetrius and Snug in Shakespeare's comedy, A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Almeida Theatre and Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2012). It was the most fun I've ever had on stage and being in my home town at the fringe is always amazing. 

Bruce Goodison Feature film, Leave to Remain.
Can I be cheeky and ask one more bonus question.....What is your favourite top three films? (3 because I know you can't pick one lol)
N: Very hard to choose because I love hundreds of films and already have a very fierce top ten in my head.  But I'm going to have to say at random, three films that I could watch over and over again are - True Romancedirected by Tony Scott (Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop), written by Quentin Tarantino. Goodfellas by Martin Scorsese and Star Wars A New Hope by George Lucas

So there you have a delightful interview I nabbed off Noof between filming last week. I can honestly guarantee you'll be seeing a lot more of that face, as he is one of the most hard working, talented actors I know. I just watch him and learn. His acting path is so inspiring for us all in whatever career path we've chosen.  Thanks to Noof for the interiew and thank you for reading. 


You can keep in touch with Noof here, be sure to let him know what you thought of this interview! 


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