Friday, 21 April 2017


Kimono - Beyond Retro (so many more in store or similar here, here & here ) | Black Vest - M & S | Denim Skirt - Mint Vintage (similar here) | Heels - Topshop (similar here (I need these!) | Straw bag - Beyond Retro (similar here)

How can you shop for less? Thanks to doing this 'blogger life' for a wee while now, I often feel the pressure to shop so I continually inspire you, my online audience with something new. But to my own sisters disbelief I actually don't spend a lot of $$ whilst shopping. So this week I’m sharing with you a few insightful tips on how you can easily fabulously shop for less…
1/ First stop your STAPLE WARDROBE. Let's look at the collection you fabulously already have (what's with that involuntary word!). Try organising your closet to clearly see all of your basics (white/black t-shirts/cami vest, string vests and slogan tees) in one clear section together. Comfortable go-to jeans (dungaree/straight/cropped/flared/shorts etc) also in another clear section together, skirts (a-line/pleated etc) and your throw on sweaters/jumpers and stripes in one clear beautiful section. (separated)

I'd love to know if you're like this but I’m mentally unable to 'style-think' (lol) without all my clothes being placed into some kind of visual order. And no doubt once you've done that you'll probably re-discover items that you’ve forgotten about, lost or no longer need. For example I'm wearing a plain staple black vest which I often wear under dungarees or with jeans and different skirts throughout S\S, here I've teamed the basic with a classic a-line denim skirt. So the true style trick for you is to make sure your capsule wardrobe is full of timeless pieces that never ever drift in and out of fashion (Staples √ Classics √ longevity in wear √).
Finishing your staple re-jig don't forget your footwear like ankle booties (that are perfect across all seasons), trainers, jackets (biker/trench/denim/blazer etc) as they're just as important for your wardrobe too. All sounds pretty serious but sorting out your staples within your existing wardrobe will really help you rediscover what you’ve already got (m&sand other stories and h&m are your best spot for ready wear basics tees and vest).

2/ Find your Statement Wardrobe Key Piece. I save money by hunting for beautiful gold pieces in places such as vibrant vintage clothing shops. Now I know vintage thrift shopping isn't for everybody but they're bloody great for finding a key bargain gem! London favourites are Beyond RetroSoho/Dalston and Rokit in Covent Garden. Now sometimes you'll find nout, but the majority of the time you're bound to come away with one thing that you fancy (even if it’s a pair of fancy sunglasses). They have bundles of cheap denim, pretty vintage off shoulder summer dresses and crams of recycled pieces too. And BR (dalston) is where I snapped this gorgeous colourful boho, tribal (PERFECT FOR FESTIVALS) kimono print. The details are incredible and I’m completely infatuated with the detailed fringe hem. A perfect statement piece, that you can pair with any of the above staples mentioned. It’s just sooooooo 70’s! (ok I’ll stop the drool). Prices in vintage shops have risen since they've become more and more commercial but still reasonably low, compared to the mainstream high street. You’ll find statement quirky jackets, tops, bags, jeans and more! 

3/ Secondly them Fashion Trends. Now fashion trends (i.e gingham overload or frayed hem) are great to see in each season and of course it’s totally down to us as the consumer whether or not we want to divulge into them or not. But I personally tend to try not to follow them, (I know, how can a so called 'fashion blogger' not follow trends?....eeek!). Which is probably why I avoid reading magazines as keeping up with them can cost a bleeding fortune (wow! I sound like me gran lol). I also feel like the majority of them are throw away fashion fasts that don’t tend to last across all seasons (well...not all). I have to say the fishnet over the skirt under crop top trend is not a favourable one of mine and I also don't get the corset belt look….(ooooh maybe 'I'll do a trends I don’t get' post) The truth is my personality naturally rebells against the word ‘trend’ because it reminds me of being one of the popular fitting in ‘cool’ kids at school (and I weren't exactly that). And I was joking with a friend saying that trends have caught up with us, especially when the 70’s look became ‘cool’ a few years ago (hope this comes across as I mean, no egotistical stuff x). So this trend garble is suppose to tell you that I save money because of the rebellious outsider streak in me, that doesn't fixate itself on 'trend led' only fashion. (This is of course just my personal take on trends and I totally appreciate how trends can inspire others and look fabulous on others! (lord how many times can I write the word trend? More on being a controversial fashion rebel soon). 

4/ Last but not least LET'S ELEVATE YOUR STYLE. I've spoken about how you can elevate your style briefly here, but it’s simply about giving your overall look a real big fashion boost and accessories like sunglasses, statement earrings, bags, belts, hats and heels are a perfect way of doing exactly that! And they're actually so cheap atm on our local high street (stories/topshop/urban outfitters). Try going for striking bold block colours, tiny intricate details like a frayed hem or unusual cuts and finishes. The more stylishly quirky your accessories are the better, because it really makes your overall look stand out from the crowd (even if your doing 'understated and cool'). I’m still obsessed with sunglasses as 'low end' prices are still great in quality and a perfect playful way of showcasing your true character (cue - perfect £5.99 retro inspired pink shades here), and again the more dramatically creative the better. Heels!! These timeless metallic silvers have been tucked away since Christmas! No idea why because they look absolutely stunning against the summer rays, as the sunshine literally bounces straight off them. I’m re-using shoes like these more and more at the moment, and finding that if you re-style them differently it’s like having a brand new pair of shoes! So dig back out your metallics and festive heels! (saving ££) This straw bag was a recent crazy vintage store hunt, but look how bloody dreamy it is, a straw bag has elevated the overall look to dreaminess…….

Okay I need to stop writing as I feel like that's more than enough fashion talk for one evening! (I've gone straw bag crazy) But hopefully it all makes sense and your now able to shop 'fabulously for less' (cheeeeese! I need to close this laptop)

Thank you for reading y'all


Photography | Margarita Karenko



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