Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Dorcas Creates is the lovely sketch artist I recently purchased this beaut of a feel-good tote from. After originally nabbing it for my sister, I knew I had to have one for myself. I mean you can't go wrong with a handy little light carrier, that allows you to ram all your daily crap in can ya! But what initially struck me about this particular illustration was how attentive and characterful the striking designs are. 

Canvas totes are everywhere atm, and I've noticed them become more and more creative over the years with either cool vibrant prints or expressive political slogans. I loved the inspiration behind Dorcas's designs because she positively wants us to celebrate our afro hair and showcase how beautiful it really is, in an everyday modern way. Which is so refreshing and rare to see, as us women (and men) are often quite only shown one look in the media that I personally get so bored of seeing........Dorcas's range also includes funky cards, brooches, wall art and soulful prints.

The totes are perfect in size, heavy duty, ethically made and 100% cotton. So strong, versatile (work√) and big enough to fit i.e gym kit, laptops, Sainsbury's shopping, brushes, spare heels, baby nappies and just all our basic daily needs (or unnecessary needs in my case! I've legit had tote straps break on me during the London tube life! eeek).  

I styled the hand made prints against this gorgeous Boden soft denim jumpsuit, that I nabbed at the The Bloggers Market off the lovely Kim (from Love Cloth) for a tenner! It's hardly had any wear (but now very over worn by moi), bargain pink aviators that I'll be rocking at festivals this year (and probably losing) and these crazy wooden mules/clogs, that I'm also now oh so obsessed with. As usual this look has a strong sense of seventies retro nostalgia running through it, but I love how the tote keeps it super fresh and modern.

Dorcas create is an independent business (True stories; Dorcas works from her bedroom), that you can show fabulous support for here. I Love championing young businesses so it'd be great if you could mention her brand to a friend (word of mouth), which I'm sure would be doing a lot. 


Photography | Zoe Griffin


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