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Whether it’s the mean girl in the office, the ‘it’ girl at school, an aunt who can’t help but comment, the girl ‘bitch facing’ you on the train, the scary girl at the till, the girl and her online comments or a stranger off the street…..We’ve all (unfortunately) dealt with a bit of ‘girl hate’ in our lives.  And now at a time of social media pressure for ‘perfection’, I thought I’d share with you my top ‘5 Ways to Tackle Girl Hate’.

No.1| Let's Not Think The Worst - A resting 'bitch face' comes to mind, silly as it sounds we always tend to associate a 'grumpier' expression with dislike or hate. But 9 times out of 10 they're probably just taking all of your beauty and essence in. For example I dress like a modern day vintage hippy the majority of the time, so I'd like to think that some of the stares I recieve are hopefully in style admiration (from intriguing fellow hippies from a far). And one of my favourite things to do (especially in Shoreditch) is street-style stalk, as I gain so much fashion inspo from looking at the stylistic fashionista's around me (Literally like 'oooh look how she's styled them shoes or wow! i love his coat'). So your style and spark could be a huge inspiration to many others. 

2| The Critics - Women who overly body scrutinise on others are more likely to be the hardest on themselves. On the outside seen as over confident but unfortunately inside unhappy with certain aspects of their own insecurities (Bullies are usually over compensating for something else....You can tell I used to work in a school right?!)Body shaming is being spoken about more and more lately and I personally think this need for body perfection is all wrong. I'm all about us real women (all shapes/races/sizes) championing each other, staying healthy, feeling positive and just cutting out any of this body rival BS! (even if it does make me sound like bloody Pollyanna) So try not to take the remarks or looks you may receive from others to heart, as the person throwing them out could quite easily be dealing with a whole heap of darker demons within themselves.

'They are taking all of your beauty and essence in from a far'.

3| Ignore the Haters - It's such a cliche thing to say and I know sometimes easier said than done, but honestly if you worry too much about what other people think, after time it will only wear your confidence down. Why let 'them' dictate how you should live your life, how you should think, dress and feel. You are you and there is no other person as unique as you. Aim to be around g/friends who only accept you for exactly that. STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE. The over temptation to mould and fold ourself to fit the norm is very high, but just because one person has this and that or speaks like x, y and z doesn't mean you have to. At the age of 32 I know that not everyone on this planet will like me and that's okay. Ignore the haters and find true friendships that lift you higher and higher.

'At the age of thirty two I know that not everyone on this planet will like me....and that's okay'.

4| Family Girl Hate - We can always assume that girl hate is something that we deal with only outside our own immediate circle of friends/family. But sometimes 'gh' can easily stem from our nearest and dearest, which can make the situation a whole lot harder to deal with (blood is thicker than water and all that). I'm talking about things that start off as light 'banter' but actually really irritate you. And I think it's more than okay to say to your family member 'Ya know what I love you, but when you said X it actually really hurt me'. And I'm sure if they took the time to think about it and loved you they would respect you even more for standing up and speaking on it, rather than bottling it up because 'it's family'. No family is ever perfect and they probably didn't even realise you took offence.....Communication is key (Kind of hard to put into words exactly what I mean on this one, but hopefully you understand the gist...eek!)

5| Stay Strong - People used to tell me to stay strong when my mum passed and I didn't have any idea what they  actually meant. But  I now know that 'staying strong' means finding the strength to simply get through it, and you're doing exactly that right now. Continue to rise and shine above any negativity and you'll forever stay fiercely fabulous! 

'Even if you fall, fall forward' - Denzel Washington'.


Photography | Zoe Griffin



  1. Every point is so accurate. And you look great babe

    1. Thank you so much hun, it means a lot. Happy Blogging xxxx