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Kristabel is the London based fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger behind the gorgeous online pages of I Want You To Know. I've been reading her words for a wee while and I'm so delighted to share all of her fabulousness with you.

1/ You've been blogging for a long time Kristabel (2008), How do you find inspiration for content each week?
I Want You to Know just evolved with me growing up, and in the early days as a student the blog became very diary like with me just documenting things that happened in my life. But now, I try and make the content that I create to be a lot more useful and just stuff that I would find interesting to read. I also love to inspire people aswell as myself. Like doing things in London or travelling, pushing myself to do more. Actually at the moment I'm trying to write a blog post about bloggers-block as the struggle to constantly write can be 'real'. A lot of my initial ideas come straight from things I see or feel, anything that's on my mind. But my thoughts do have to be really clear and constructive in order for me to write something that I'm 100% comfortable with. 
2/ You have amazing style, Who are your fashion icons?, and What's one item from your wardrobe that you couldn't possibly live without?
One of my first fashion icons in my early 20's would of been Alexa Chung, because I liked how she was very demure and cutesy. And we all have parts of our bodies that we feel the most comfortable with, mine are my legs. I liked how she kept things quite prim and proper on the top half but then she'd be revealing her legs, keeping her look quite quaint but interesting. So back then I would of probably worn a nice peter pan collar dress with bright red tights and brogues. I was definetly in the twee group growing up.

Also Solange has really come into her own over the past five years style wise. Actually I've always found it quite hard to find someone who looks like me, with a similar fashion sense that I've wanted to aspire to. Solange is great at representing that! I love her mixing of colours, print and patterns.

One item I can't live without.....hmm my new basket bag.

3/ I've mentioned to you that I thought your Black, British & Blogging: My Experience post was a brave post to write. What was the drawing point that compelled you to finally hit publish on such a personal share? 
I think it was just becoming more comfortable with myself and speaking out about things that I've wanted to voice for a while. Especially with what's going on in the world at the moment (black lives matter, elections) and the constant conversation happening. I thought it was important to get my experience out there because some people may not understand things unless they're easily spelled out to them. I like to do things like story telling and then people can understand 'oh this is why it's wrong'. I guess I wanted to increase understanding, and find people that was relating to what I was saying because its still a hard topic to talk about. You don't want to bring it up or make a fuss, you can get over paranoid. I had to consider it very very carefully. I think It's a valid subject in these confusing testing times. And there's never ever a right clear answer as it's personal to's just about understanding. 

4/ You've recently held a #YouCanSitWithUs and #TheBloggersMarket event (which I attended), Can you tell us more about them?
You Can Sit With Us was more like a bloggers support group because as we know blogging can feel like such an isolating place (i agree). Most of the time your on your own, in your own thoughts, and sometimes your on instagram seeing what other bloggers are doing. Which can badly effect you and your work. And I just remember seeing lots of tweets in frustration on twitter. And whilst twitter is great for connecting people, you can't really get a full conversation resolved. So we personally wanted to bring that conversation off line and give people a chance to really reconnect and get a bit more of a prospective. So I thought let's have a bloggers group, where people can chat openly about their own blogging issues. So that was the main motive behind that event (YCSWU).

The Bloggers Market started off as a great way to sell our overloading clothes (There was 4 of us - OliviaCarrie and Lucy) but as we started doing them it was actually bringing the community closer together.  And just a great opportunity for people to mingle, chat, attend workshops and listen to other bloggers talk. I love them because we get to do something amazing with our online audience, which is really motivational.  

5/ Fabulous! Who are you currently style stalking on old instagram? 
@uzypaws - Her style is creative, cohesive and I need to email her for 'fro tips. 

@creativekipi - She describes herself as multi-faceted creative and her aesthetic shows that minimalism doesn't have to be muted.

@spiritedpursuit - Lee Litumbe's adventures will give you a major dose of wanderlust, plus there's a particular focus on showcasing the beautiful landscapes and diversity within Africa. 

@bubblyaquarius - After meeting Rachel at #youcansitwithusLDN and seeing her amazing style in action, I now always look at her feed if I'm stuck on what to wear. I'll forever be envious of the JW Anderson dress she snapped up in the Selfridges sale for cheap. 

6/ What top tips would you give to someone who's thinking about starting a blog?
I would say try to find your unique voice or view point. Figure out what your 'thing' is and be happy and secure in that. My second tip would be get on the practical side of your blog from the get go and be really consistant on all media platforms (twitter/fb/snapchat/instagram/youtube). Also buy your domain name if you can and just consider everything your doing. Be really mindful of every new platform and every decision (you can watch Kristabel's How to Start a Blog video here).

7/ Lastly which camera are you highly recommending at the moment?
The Canon 6D and 50ML lens is a fantastic good quality camera, which is also full frame. My tiny tip is to also buy the body separately as it's more cheaper than the full camera kit (You can watch Kristabel’s full photography video here).

And that's it folks, didn't I tell you how frigging fabulous this one is. I've personally learnt so much from this lady, and she's just a person who doesn't even realise how frigging inspiring and amazing she is (also super bloody intelligent and a badass boss lady too!). I can't thank her enough for such a detailed, open and committed interview (which is just a snippet of her sass). But don't worry you can see more of her here and here. And definitely do follow all of Kristabel's travels via her insta feed!
Thanks for Reading.

Photography | All @ I Want You to Know.  


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