Saturday, 27 May 2017


You're already aware of my limited techy knowledge but if your a fellow newbie 'photographer' like me, I think the Olympus-Pen E-PL8 is the perfect camera for you. Today I've simply shared (because we like technology kept simple) all my top pros/cons of this fabulously stylish pen family camera.

  1. Easy set up - The instructions on the manual are so clear that it literally took me 10 mins (You just need to standardly charge the battery over night).
  2. The twist dials on top of the camera are with different exposure modes, including automatic, video and raw. The pen is also touch screen which I love.
  3. Moveable rear screen that tilts and flicks upwards or downwards to face the front of the camera (perfect for vloggers). No more stressful body angle stretches as you can simply adjust the screen.
  4. The lenses are changeable which is fab for snapping a big variations of shots. 
  5. Built in wifi connection within the device, enables you to connect your images taken on the camera, instantly to your smartphone via the Olympus Share App. Upload time is so fast! The app also features 'Art' filters to play around with. 
  6. The size of the kit is so compact and handy that I just slip it into my everyday bag and go!
  7. Talking of the size and design, the weight of the pen is completely lightweight. And so easy to pop around your neck with the cross body strap. The classic design was actually the first thing that drew me in. I love how old-fashioned and retro it feels to use.
  8. Lasting battery life - The battery on mine can last for days. (Nothing worst than camera without battery in your bag).
  9. Make it your own - So many fresh and colourful handy accessories available on the market atm, so you can truly style up your new camera by making it personal to you. 
  10. A fancy CD also arrives with the hard copy manual. It's quite wordy but it does give you a good step by step guide of a 'how to' on all the fab settings and in dept functions on the camera.

  1. I have to admit that I'm not the most patient person in the world (when it comes to tech bits), so all the information on the cd did kind of go straight over my head. I  know that's down to me being quite practical with things. Show me and I'll be more inclined to get it. So with that in mind I'm thinking of doing a Jessops Photography Course, because if you've paid quite a few bob for the thang, we really should get all the worth we can out of it right? (It can't just look snazzy y'all).
  2. No view finder I'm afraid, which doesn't bother most people but I like my classics and do miss peeping through one (like the old camera days....but the screen is moveable and pretty friggin fabulous so you might want to ignore this point eeek!)
  3. The 14-42mm lens - Now I've had quite a few camera pros (margarita/Zoe/Kristabel) pick up my pen and all of the lovelies mention my lens. The 14-42 that comes with the kit doesn't have that desired blurred effect that we all love. After doing more research I was probably better off purchasing the camera body first and then the lens separately (but lenses are changeable). 
  4. Do bear in mind that although you now have a snazzy new camera you still need a second person to take all your shots (I do mainly style so I naively forgot that, although I will be doing more city guides and beauty content without a second person required. I guess that 'con' depends on the content you want to create).
  5. Do I think the Olympus-E-PL8 was worth the price?......100% heck Yes! I knew that the marketing around the pen was conveniently aimed straight at me (which did jar me and make me rebel against it initially (seemed to good to be true)....I did a lot of asking around first being a new 'blogger photographer'), and within the blogging community everyone was raving about this 'it' camera.  I've honestly seen the quality of my content improve so much and my social media engagement has got milds higher too. I'd advise you to only shoot in raw and against natural day light if you can, making all the images highly inspiring and clear, which is exactly what you want to see as a reader. 

'The Pen 8 is a great mid-range camera that goes a pretty long way'. 



That's my sharp write up on the 'Olympus Pen E-PL8' done folks, which I hope you've gained a bit more knowledge on. Anything new that I pick up along the way, I'll definitely feature in a future post




  1. I think I need to get the course as well for my camera too as it does help but probably when I get another lens. Nice post b x

    1. Thanks hun, yeah let me when you book yours and we can hopefully learn together. Which camera do you have?

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    1. Thanks for reading. So glad it was of some help xxx

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