Tuesday, 27 June 2017


You, the bohemian carefree unconventional free spirited chick. Would turn up to your invited summer-garden-party wearing exactly this. You know the type of 'special occasion' that snubs all traditional conventions, which is probably being held in a simple back garden somewhere beautiful. Or an industrial warehouse filled with pretty flowers and sweet fairy lighting. An event where when you walk in, everyone is styled in either drapes of colour or petals on their messy yet chic hair. And you nicely feel over encourage to arrive in your best dressed divine 'Hippy Attire'.....Oooops I think I'm accidentally describing my own ideal wedding (stuck in the wilderness!). But if you'd rather loose-free-comfort, over tight fitting body con from day to night, this is easily the perfect 'Wedding Guest' look for you. 

Think bundles of 70's warm chilled browns, big floppy hats, fringing, paisley prints, joy, jimi hendrix, art, sienna miller and details of wood and wicker. Talking of details how beautiful is the fish tail lower dress design, creating heaps of movement on this pretty pale blue summer dress. I honestly felt so magical jumping around my new house wearing this.........Oooh okay I meant the pink stunning haven that is 'Peggy Porschen', (That I now would like to live in forever pls). Let's just say someone got very over excited!....Omg, imagine waking up here smelling them gorgeous dreamy fluffy cakes every morning. I also love how the designers of this gorgeous corner gem went all out with the pink dramatic country-inspired decor. Expressing true free spirit and striking individuality (this cafe completely stands out on Ebury Street). So this is where you'll find me hanging for the rest of our UK summer okkkkkkaaay! (I'm planning lot's more visits so do keep an eye out over on my insta)

I've linked all items for you below, anything vintage I've listed plenty similar.....Happy Hippy Shopping.

Peace & Love.

Photography | Zoe Griffin Photography

Hat - Vintage (Similar Here) | Dress - Rokit (Similar Here) & (Here) & (Here) | Necklaces - Here | Lace Ups - Here | Straw Bag - Beyond Retro (Similar Here) | Glasses - Mint Vintage (Similar Here)


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  1. The event could not have gone more smoothly, and from my perspective, less stressfully. I was able to relax, let my hair down, and totally enjoy the party, and felt totally pampered and cared for by their manager. The food at DC wedding venues was excellent, and the floral were gorgeous and reasonably priced.