Wednesday, 19 July 2017


NOTTING HILL you great location of Style & Beauty. Having mentioned previously how I would love this place to be my new home, I thought I'd explain more and share with you exactly why...The last time I was in NH was probably this time last year, so I'd forgotten how naturally charismatic and characterful this part of the big city is. And I'm not largely talking about the rich coloured houses (that we all love but probably seen a billion times before), but I'm actually specifically talking more about the fierce street style rough element of NH. The soul, art, edge, vibrancy, energy and heart that stems straight out of Portobello Road

Also by my meaning of 'elements and essence', I do frankly mean the bloke who decided to p**s against the wall right next to our shoot. Oh and the other bloke who followed us commenting on how expensive our camera equipment looked with very intriguing eyes (true stories).  And yes of course I would always want the content that I create to be inspiring to you and myself, but I also need to keep my Street Style work true and real to you. 

'From the vintage-retro fashion to the quirky furniture antiques, Notting Hill is a place for The Fashion Rebel to expressively feel free'.

Talking of the old fashion...

The bee eye catching stripe is a 70's original classic piece, which I would wear every day if I could and love to style all year round  (& was me old dears). The summer sandals are looking fresh and cool in these white woven chilled flats, and the coin bag is an over seas Tangier find a few years ago (I so need to go back, if you love one-off pieces like this they have tons in the hustling markets of Morocco). The simply black tee is a great cut on top with an added detail of a contrasting long fringing hem (which looks so dreamy with faded jeans). Throw on your staple summer black shades and your retro Notting Hill Street Style ready. X

Fringe Tee | Urban Outfitters (Similar Here) & (Here) - Skirt | Vintage (Similar Here) - Sandals | Here - Bag | Moroccan Market (Similar Here) - Sunglasses | Here - Juice | Joe & The Juice





  1. Love the skirt! The bright colours definitely fits the Notting Hill street style. It is such a lovely area of London city!

    Ameze xxx

    1. It is indeed, never gets boring and I'm always discovering something new. Thank you so much and I'm over the moon that you enjoyed this post. Stay fabulous xx