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Pink Blouse - Vintage Gift (Similar Here & Here & Here) | Levis Jeans (551's very old) - Rokit (Similar Here) | Flatforms Sandals - Topshop (Similar Here) | Tote - Here | Sunglasses - Here

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Wearing Pink bolder brighter colours at this time of year, is the only way to deal with our summer leaving us here in Lanndan. Yep, the temperatures may be cooling but that doesn't mean we can't still feel vibrantly fresh and chic running through our town...And don't you just love how 'eye catching' pastel pink is at the moment! The loose satin soft fabric on this particular piece, feels so firmly light and effortless on the skin. And I'm also a crazy fan of them big old seventies lapel collars and front bold pockets (I've linked dreamy similars above)

I styled the pink against the light wash of my straight leg blue vintage jeans (don't you just love when you rediscover pieces in your wardrobe you forgot you had). And from living in either frayed or flared styes of late, it felt so nicely refreshing to go back to my straight leg trusty pair. And a style like the 551's will be completely timeless and versatile in your wardrobe, so do hunt and invest in a staple vintage alternative if you can (i just find the quality better). The every day canvas tote I stumbled across randomly while homeware shopping, and was immediately struck by the giant beaming pink flamingos, being such a fun design in a bag you can throw every day junk in. The statement pink aviator throwback sunnies and flatforms add tons of detailed interest and bags of personality to the overall retro transitional season look. 
I n d e p e n d e n t  F i l m >
My work last week was working on an independent feature called 'Dead Shelter', written and directed by Tim Hewitt. I absolutely loved working on this low budget project because of how well all of us (cast/crew) got really stuck in, and involved. So it's on projects like these where one minute your acting out a scene, and the next your holding up a sound boom (as a crew member) or running around being a 'runner' making cups of tea, that makes film-making feel overly worthwhile. And being an actor I've so far been blessed to work on really expensive sets (tv/film and commercials) with lots of crew and then to tiny crews like on 'Dead Shelter'. And it really got me thinking about how we can all pitch in by supporting Independent Film.  

Our independent cinemas in London like the Curzon and the Electric are still able to run (just), but over the recent years their fundings have been drastically cut. And without these independent cinemas up coming film makers/writers/directors really lose out on getting their craft and work seen (independent films have to enter film festivals first to gain distribution, especially if the film doesn't have a big leading name that don't automatically gain bums on seats - green lit). So if you can, do try and visit your smaller independant cinemas. Just by you purchasing a ticket, you are keeping the low budget unknown film industry open (ticket prices can usually be cheaper and the screenings have more of an intimate feel). I personally love visiting independent cinemas and you can find out your nearest one to visit and how you can support here

Photography | Zoe Griffin 

Independent Cinema Featured | Soho Curzon

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