Sunday, 22 October 2017



For the face, after moisturising I used the Mac Water Weight Foundation applied with a real techniques miracle complexion sponge, and buffed in with a 187 brush. The water weight foundation has a light seamless dewy formula finish. And I love how a simple pipet of the product creates such a overall healthy look, without feeling like you have too much of a mask-like coverage on (long lasting too). For concealer I went for the Mac Mineralize Concealer in shade NC50. Which is perfect for subtly adding instant brightness around the eyes and blurring out any of them dark blemishes or facial spots. I literally take this everywhere with me when traveling. The makeup base is finished off by adding a quick dust of Mineralize Skinfinish Powder


Call me old fashioned, but I'm still a huge fan of subtle contouring and try to keep my highlighting and conturing of my make up to what I'm the most comfortable with. So using the deep darker brown mac powder and a simple powder brush I take that along my jaw line and underneath my lower cheekbones. To highlight and add shine to my top cheek bones (once blusher is applied), tip of the nose, under the brow arch and cupids bows I apply the Mac Strobe Cream. Which once applied is a perfect go-to moisturiser to instantly uplift and boost your skin (basically makes your skin ultra fabulous!)


The eyes are based with Brown Down matte eyeshadow, which I applied with an eyeshadow brush  over the lids. To create a black smokey eye effect I used the intense Carbon shade along the lower eye line, and then went back over the lids with the Avon Glimmer Stick, in the fabulous shade Diamonds. Which I also added in the inner corners of the eyes and underneath the lower lash line (Not sure if you can really see how strong the copper shade is in these images, but it's pretty frigging amazing on!)Extreme Black Lash, is the mascara I used to coat the bottom and top lashes. And to create the famous feline flick I went in with point black. I find this particular product quite simple to apply, and if the flicks does go wrong you can easily wipe it off in seconds (no morning eye flick dramas).  Lastly I finished the eyes by wacking on my very dramatic Lash - Double Volume False Eyelashes. If you're after a more natural look with your lashes do try some of their other options here). 


I tend to like my eyebrows quite thick and after brushing in one direction, I applied the same deep Brown Down eyeshadow with an 266 angled brush. And to create more of a sharp finish on the brows I topped them up with my Stud eyebrow pencil. 


I actually used two different blushers to create this autumnal look and firstly added a rosy Burnt Pepper in a matte shade. But then wanted to add much more shine and sparkle to my cheekbones so went on top of that with a golden sheer shade (which I can't find but pretty Similar Here). Again I still like to keep the colour on the cheeks to a hint. 


A final touch, as I always like to leave my lipstick till last. And I adore how a type of lip shade can completely change the entire mood of your overall finished look. To begin I softly lined my lips with a natural Cork liner (which also works as a great Autumn lipstick), to help make the lipstick appear quite seamless, and then added the satin feel deep berry CYBER lipstick. You may want to line your lips with a shade more closer to your lip colour, but I actually think the cork lip liner works quite well. As this particular Autumn shade is more than bold enough to still stand out. And  my A/W makeup bag favourite. My bf isn't a huge fan (because he says he can't kiss me without gaining plum lips! doh!) but I'm just obsessed with how striking and flattering this particular shade is on the lips. 


The stand out products I can highly recommend to you are the Water Weight Foundation (because finding the right formula match is o so tricky) and the Strobe Cream......Plus the Autumn Berry Lip. Actually bleeding all of it! 


This season of Autumn came around super quickly for me this year, and soon enough I was already applying the warm chestnut browns, deep berries and shimmery copper tones into my makeup bag! 




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