Sunday, 17 December 2017


Notting Hill

The art of street style photography is like magic as quite often I'll turn to Zoe, and ask her 'How on earth did you get that shot!'? The end result is down to relaying an idea to a photographer, and just us both combining our artistic flares onto the various streets of busy Laandan.  Street style photography is visually exciting as we really do create something interesting and new, that we can both be proud of (and don't stop shooting till we do! eeek!). I take fashion quite seriously as I love what I do. You can really begin to love the creative side of things and enjoy sharing a vision through online blogging. So today as a celebration to Street Style Photographyhere are '2017 fashion highlights'. Plus tips for any inspiring silent keen fashionista bloggers out there (as there's space for us all :-)).

The Fabulous Photographer

A great photographer is someone you can easily share your vision with and create something special. It helps to really research your chosen photographer, check out their website and various online platforms. And just drop them a professional email or message. Be yourself when you contact them and just be 100% clear as to what you actually require them to do. I usually start a message with - Hi my name xx, I'm a London fashion blogger currently focusing on vintage fashion. (Here's some of my styling work) I'm looking for a streetstyle photographer and I've seen your fabulous work via your website. I would love to check your availability for a potential shoot. -  Just something along them lines and I'm sure they'd be happy to work with you.

My Beautiful Laundrette, Notting Hill

Creative Eye

Be prepared to scout suitable locations to shoot. The photographer may suggest London hotspots, but as you're creating your own unique online fashion platform, be open to seeing perfect locations right in front of you (I'm always scouting for hidden gems). I really enjoy finding gritty little spots and places you wouldn't necessarily think to shoot (i.e. a laundrette, car park, giant pink recycle bin or bus stop).

Canary Wharf

Taste & Style

You are effectively your own stylist on shoots. And your individual taste on fashion and life is exactly what attracts your audience in. It's how you instantly grab the attention of like minded people, who can relate and share your life style. Purely by the content you create. So honestly don't be afraid to be just you. Remember it's your platform, which you've openly chosen to do. We're all human but stay clear of comparing yourself to others and don't worry about what everyone else is doing. Just do you - your way (cos you're pretty fabulous! you dun know that true lol!).

Make instagram your new best friend. Set up a fashion page only (you can include family/friends later, but as a strong starting point, instagram is a great visual platform) and post your fabulous style daily. Mention your interests and share your blogging website at a later stage. The majority of your online blog readers will most likely stem from instagram, youtube, twitter or facebook. And it's just a simple way to get your style vision started, without an official blogging website. You can also connect with many fellow fashion bloggers on insta too. I’ve now made supportive online friends from instagram and built a strong community/network of people that I can share a common interest with.

Regents Park
Peggy Porschen Cakes, Chelsea


Blogging looks so easy-peasy, but if you really want to make your work of something you'd be attracted too. It's actually bloody hard work (or it is for moi). I think the toughest part for me is the time required to make each post the best I can. So just as a little heads up, be prepared to dedicate a whole heap of non-distracted focused time to your new online passion. From styling looks - street shooting - edits returned - narrowing down the images - final edits - editing the written piece (which can take forever) - promoting on platforms i.e insta/twitter/fbk & more. There're days when I think I have no idea what I'm actually writing, but somehow you can connect. It's also more than okay to make mistakes! (I'm always making them!) So what I'm trying to say is...Your hard work and commitment will honestly be worth it. And just remind yourself to have fun!


Ahhhhhh…..The Serious Stuff! But if you think that going into fashion blogging is going to earn you wads of $$…Erm it quite frankly doesn’t (sols just being honest). Not at the start anyway. I never started blogging to earn a living. I started a blog to share a love for fashion, be a hippy and express individuality, inspire others, talk about death/loss and hopefully open some minds on vintage fashion (whoah). It's only when brands started approaching me that I realised you can make money. And if you're extremely pro-active, consistent with posts and making money is your end goal. I'd say 100% go for it - Get emailing brands and showcasing your unique eye for your work. But just for me personally the money side of things doesn't drive me to keep creating content. I just enjoy what I do. So the only times that I do jump on board with the money side of things, is when the product is something I’m genuinely interested in, and by offering you (the reader) a fab discount on a particular brand too.


Amazing London photographers @AlishaDandy, @ZoeGriffinPhoto and @Margarita_Karenko. If you would like to see more of a ‘how to’ for the technical admin  part of blogging (pages/domain name/programs to use etc) I can happily share a pt 2. xx


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