Tuesday, 29 May 2018


With 'Made for Individuals' as their latest campaign you probably knew a fierce pair of timeless Dr.Martens were bound to appear on this fashion page. As you've already read me telling you how amazing your individual essence, style and shine is. And banging on about not feeling weary to truly express and dress like you. Even if you are from Dagenham, drive an old banger and say silly things alllllll the time like moi (even at 33!). Now you may also be thinking 'Oi where the heck have you been for the last six months?'......But if okay? I'd love to explain more on that in my next blog post. But lets just say I've been pretty busy with Mr old Shakespeare of late (Performing in King Lear and Hamlet to be exact). And just to give you a tiny hint.....I've had the BEST frigging acting experience of my career to date (oh the dramatics).  I truly cried and pinched myself hard at times on tour, especially being a bird from Dagenham in Essex! Did I tell you that I was from dagenham in Essex??...... 

You also need to know that I've been so nervous about re-opening my laptop and blogging again. And if I'm utterly honest I've been putting it off mate. I think its mainly down to not knowing exactly where to start on here. I even forgot how to bleeding login to my blogger account. Anyway I'm fully back! Actually I'm in the blissful market town of Stratford-upon-Avon, where old Shakespeare was born which is very midlands, very country and very different to hustling London. Finishing off the last leg of the tour, but so excited to share a lot more Fashion, Life and Fab-ness with you over the next coming weeks.  
Back to this glorious look that you wouldn't typically piece together on a hot summers London Soho day, but if you're a bit of a fashion rebellion (like moi), you So will. In my eyes you just can't go wrong with a outfit which is basically an old vintage graphic tee, faded black classic jeans and chunky effect shoe. And the Docs really do add a firm distinct ounce of individuality to this 'Soho Made For Individuals' look. Detailed with the classic yellow thin outer lace and sharp point (instead of the round toe). The kind of design that pretty much goes with anything in your wardrobe (which I've already over worn with pretty dresses), subtly tough yet ultra feminine. The tee was a New York vintage find celebrating one of the biggest and greatest bands of all time (say no more). The red electric shades are spot on for sharply creating a visual interest, by adding something striking and colourful to this overall 80's/90's eccentric inspired look. 

I hope you have fun recreating this grunge/retro look this summer, and as always many thanks for truly sticking around. You can also kindly help my slightly out of touch style brain by letting me know of any particular looks, or pieces you would love styled and shared on here. You can be as bold as you like or as basic and minimal as you like (basically throw anything at me :-)). I enjoy playing around experimenting with fashion as you know. So just pop a few words below or on my insta page here or twitter here. Now how do I insert a box thing for you to shop this entire look again.....hmmmm....Help!X
Vintage Tee/Metropolis Vintage(Similar Here)/Sunglasses/Beacons Closet(Similar Here & Here)/Bag/Mint Vintage (Similar Here)/Vintage Jeans/Levis@AtikaLondon(Similar)/Shoes/Dr.Martens
Photography/Zoe Griffin


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