Sunday, 17 June 2018


Having just spent the entire month of April working and living in NEW YORK CITY (i know what the fudge!). Staying in a beautiful apartment in the down town of Manhattan's financial district, travelling across on the subway to Brooklyn, Bam Theatre to perform in the RSC production of William Shakespeare's 'King Lear'. It's safe to say I did my fair share of NYC shopping. Exploring and scouting the best vintage shops in the Big Apple felt like actually living the dream. Here is a shopping guide of the 'Big Top Three' Vintage Clothing stores in NYC.

L Train Vintage currently have shops in Manhattan, Williamsburg, East Village, Bushwick, East Williamsburg, Gowanus and Park Slope. So it's fair to say that this pre-loved chain is an expanding brand, which is well loved by the NYC public. We visited the East Village branch, which is bold & colourful in interior/layout and ultra relaxed/chilled to shop. Ranging from good quality cheap vintage pieces from t-shirts, denim, jackets (with shoulder pads), flares, jeans, skirts, trainers and more. Stocking a male and female section (men's slightly bigger) with pieces spilling on to a lower floor down stairs, for even more shopping. If your from the UK I would compare L Train to a London Rokit or Beyond Retro store. Plenty of choice with old time pieces from brands such as Levi's, Wrangler, Nike and Calvin Klein. I didn't see many top designer vintage pieces or fancy dresses, so I'd say if your looking for more every day vintage casuals, L Train mid town is your perfect hotspot. L Train Vintage, 204, 1st Ave, New York, NY, 1009

Beacons Closet if I'm honest was over rammed with designer and non designer pieces. The day we went was quite busy so I initially found the east village store quite overwhelming to shop (I'm not good with hectic shopping, eek!). My beautiful friend Cut and Chic Vintage took me, but it did take me a while to get real stuck in to the treasure hunt (if you're from the UK the vibe and layout reminded me of smaller TkMax store, which I have love/hate relationship with), but if you really do rummage, you'll 100% find your one of a kind statement piece here. (like the 70's waistcoat above). Again the prices are really reasonable and BC sell their own uniquely designed jewellery collection (which i spent ages staring at & bought a gorgeous pair of quirky fly earrings). In the shop is a separate area for you to take any vintage pieces to sell and be re-sold (as they buy as well as sell), pieces are arranged in to blocks of colour, with a wide vintage shoe collection on offer. I did however find the sister store in Brooklyn so much easier to shop. The staff were slightly friendlier, the layout didn't feel on top of me and I ended up nabbing these funky sunglasses here. 5th Ave in Brooklyn is full of so many different independent vintage boutiques and thrift stores, that I would highly recommend you visiting during your New York City stay. Beacon's Closet,10w 13st, New York, NY, 10011.
Metropolis Vintage stock the best vintage t-shirt collections I've probably ever seen (i purchased this one here). The store also sells vintage jackets, leather jackets, denim vintage jeans, retro shirts and vintage caps. As soon as you walk in everything is separated on rails into specific decades and genres. Such as 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, cartoons, harley, music (big range), sports, hip hop, slogans, rock, tv & movie t-shirts and more. Everything on sale is unisex and actually quite reasonable in price. All items I felt are really well selected, authentic and sold only at a good quality. Little did I know that celebs like Asap Rocky and Kayne West (controversial) shop here. I just think you'll love this east village old school vintage store and probably leave with a bag full of gems like me. I can't wait to go back! Metropolis Vintage, 43 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

(All images my own, taken on a Olympus Pen *8 except Metropolis Vintage shop which I forgot to take whilst there, all rights on that image reserved to Metropolis Vintage).



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