Sunday, 28 April 2019


Photography/Zoe Griffin

Walking along London oxford street or looking at your fashionista inspo insta feed, pink styling is absolutely everywhere this spring season. In fact colourful styling has been a fashion thang for a wee while, as the right s/s shade can go with more colours than you may think. And I for one of course am a huge gigantic fan of all things PiNK. I just adore adding a few new striking pieces into my every day looks this time of year.

Talking of THE LOOK how amazing is this vintage Naomi 90's print (I have a big love for her btw), pairing the bold block pink with a simple white top keeps the look understated and more interesting. The pure fresh white blue tinted retro 70's inspired shades and vintage 60's bag add a flare of sophistication and retro personality. Lastly the sharp leather pointy booties keep the overall mood of the look ultra modern and cool. 

STYLE TIP 1  - Get the hue of your pink (or 70's yellow, blue, orange) absolutely right. Think a lighter softer colour and along the lines of a salmon like pink, or a warm dusty rose. The more charming the shade, the more effortless your entire colourful look will appear (magenta is lovely but way too rich for this particular look).

STYLE TIP 2 -  Make sure the tailoring of the garment is on 100% point. PINK SUITS look super sharp, chic and sexy if the cut is 100% right on women. Off the hanger ready to buy pieces do have the ability to have that crispness, but you do need to try on and shop around. I went for the classic straight leg (that felt utterly flattering and fabulous once worn). 

STYLE TIP 3 - The fabric of your new pink style piece has to be of beautiful quality. I've seen a few on the high street that look absolutely lovely from a distance, but once close up a little disappointing. If your looking for a quick fix fashion throw away bargain hit, those tiny details (see through, poorly stitched, not great buttons) may not matter (and are great for a party girls holiday). But as you know the granny instilled in me (that I've no control of), longs for timeless fashion and longevity in any purchases I make (basically gaining as much wear where possible). As usual I've popped a few fabulous pink trouser options below for you....Enjoy! Let me know your favourite. X



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