Sunday, 1 September 2019


Cutting straight in - I’ve been finding myself feeling really reluctant to go on Instagram of late. As if being on there was something really bad and naughty to do, or just that I 100% shouldn't be on it......Like I was about to swallow a really bad pill or something. But still found myself on the app with no control over it. When out I’d be on it, sat talking to my partner or friends I’d be on it, every morning and before I go to bed - I'd be on it, during writing these blogs I’d be clicking to and fro from it. Flip, I was even taking my phone to the toilet to check and refresh my feed on it. Yes the friggin toilet!! For years my boyfriend had been telling me that I'm always on instagram or that I’m always on my phone, and I think I just became so oblivious to the recurring instant app habit. I also think since Love Island finished I’ve been on it even more. I loved the show this year so I've constantly found myself looking at the fabulous instagram feeds of Amber, Lucie, Anna, India, Yewande, Maura, Molly-Mae, Belle, Jourdan and Joanna via their stories. Looking at their style and exciting places they were at. I mean I think the girl casting was really badass and soooo good this year, and really showed such strong, intelligent beautiful women (especially with that Michael situation and Belle not having Anton kissing other women lol). But it's honestly left me feeling a bit mentally insta crazy keeping up with it all! And don't get me started on my infatuation with comedian Rickey Thompson, because I've literally cried laughed watching all of Rickey's insta videos and stories. But something just hasn't been feeling right……

I used to love the app and strongly rooted for it over Face Book, and I’ve never ever had this kind of offish relationship with instagram before. And I could definitely describe my usage previously to being quite happy and healthy. Now I’m too scared to look at how many hours I've actually spent on it!
The point of this post is to ask -  Have you ever felt like this with social media or the instagram app? Does this feeling last? Is this feeling normal? Why am I going on it so much without even realising I’m on it?....And am I now realising that I'm addicted? 

I think in a recent discussion with a friend saying to me 'I don't know if you're at the carnival because I haven't seen it on your instagram stories'....Really freaked me out. Had I been ignorantly living my life out too much via the stories on there. I mean why didn't that friend just call or text me and ask if I was at the carnival?? And don’t get me wrong I initially enjoyed the app primarily for the innovative fashion and like minded creative accounts. Plus I’ve been bless'd with the lovely people I’ve met through instagram, including abroad and here in the UK. But why has my relationship with it recently drastically changed and what am I actually gaining from it? I know influencers make a living from it with sponsor brand deals on certain posts, people run businesses through it, and the American actor Hunter Schafer reportedly was actually cast off it, for the new HBO TV Series Euphoria (which you need to watch btw). When the TV producers put a casting call out for her role on instagram. And I do believe the majority of my blog readers stem purely from Instagram.

It’s just so instant, so live and just a powerful 2019 tool that I'm really starting to see in another light......Which is weirding me out, so I think it’s time to take a little insta break (first since I downloaded the app in 2015 baby). But not just do a phone detox but a direct instagram detox....Time to step back, cut off and delete the app.....For a mini break of a few weeks or so, and see how I go. I’ll still be writing these blogs......So I’ll keep you posted and let you know how I'm feeling. Last Question (as I genuinely would love to know your thoughts on this topic) Do you think we are living in the era where it is now the norm for us to become addicted to social media? Have you ever deleted an app? Ps. Wish me luck!

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  1. I do not think that your statement is correct! Killing our souls? Why? What happened to your Instagram account in such a case?

  2. I like the photos so much. Especially, I like the photo filter which was chosen. The photographer definitely did a good job.

  3. I would really like to see more of your photos, they are magnificent. So I hope you won`t leave Instagram without attention.