Thursday, 23 April 2020


How are you feeling? I strongly ask you that because I know how I'm feeling right now is totally different to how I originally felt when the L (lockdown) first started a month ago. L has made me feel and see certain aspects of this crazy life a lot differently. So here are ‘Ten Lessons Learnt on Lockdown (so far).'

1. THE GIRL CAN COOK - Fresh healthy meals and a few fabulous bakes are now being cooked in this gaffe (rather than just passing through it). From living the fast life in Central London I always had that trusty excuse of never having enough time to stop and cook. Well, with no excuses I've now really gotten into baking and experimenting with food. Don't get me wrong I'm no Ravinder Bhogal! but I love it and now actually quite good at it. And I know you maybe thinking you're a grown arse woman! But I've never ever had that buzz about food like my sister gets with recipes to take the time to thoroughly cook. It was more convenience eating and now I actually use my own kitchen lol!

2. MENTAL STRENGTH - I can honestly say I'm not as strong as I thought I was. These times have shown me that I really do need that person in my life to tell me it's going to be ok. When before I never really needed it.......And I would be the person telling myself and others everything was going to be fabulous. I'm not sure if that makes sense to you but I've basically learnt that it's okay to ask for reassurance from others.....or not feel mentally strong at times during L (*gentle reminder - you are strong because you've adjusted your entire life for the sake of yourself and many others, and getting through this). 

3. YOU DO YOU IN THESE TIMES - Everyone in life has a unique way to make themselves cope in unsettling times, and we each have a different way of doing that. You can stay in your pj’s all day and do the netflix thing, or you can be super active and do a workout a day…..Or you can bake 50 biscuits daily (yes I’m addicted to baking vegan biscuits). Whatever you choose to do during this time to help you…..Do It. There are no frigging rules (apart from staying home and sticking to the official gov guidelines) and I don't think people should be telling you how to use your time. Go at your own pace of what suits you and just do You to feel good. 

4. THE SKY IS EVEN MORE BLUE AND THE SUN IS SHINING OH SO BRIGHT. This season of spring is such a blessing for us all in London. The sunflower hippy in me loves waking up to hearing birds chirping in the morning on a regular day. But I've never fully appreciated them as much as I do now. I think this time has truly enhanced the beauty around us, and made me extra grateful for the small every day things in life that so absently enrich us.

5. I'LL EXERCISE IN A MINUTE - I started exercising every day when lock down first started, then it went down to every other day and now it’s when I blooming well want.....And that's okay. We all know that after a workout you feel super amazing, but as weeks go on it’s alright for your fitness motivation to dip high and low. I've learnt to not beat myself up if I don't exercise, and just go more with the flow (I personally just don't think it’s the time to add any unnecessary pressure to oneself :)

6. MODERN TECHNOLOGY I LOVE YOU - I've realised how lucky I am to be able to have wifi to access so many amazing apps like whatsapp, zoom, skype and house party. To connect with faces that I love via online. I'm not the best at technology but my lord you can't not be thankful for that right now.

7. MISSING FRIENDS AND FAMILY SUCKS - Freedom of movement has become very clear right now. It has slapped us in the face and truly made us understand the real power of it. Not meeting my sister for lunch when I want or travelling to see friends and family is so difficult. Sitting, hearing, really listening, touching and seeing their beautiful faces in person and having that human connection will always mean so much more to us now.

8. PEOPLE ARE GOOD AT PULLING PEOPLE TOGETHER - In a previous post I shared with you a few amazing people that have helped others during L to follow. But there’s so many more extra people to add (Mo is one of them). I’ve found this time online to be oddly my favourite. Getting involved and seeing the claps and people supporting one another has been so warming from inside the home. Even out in my local shops people want to genuinely help and keep each other healthy.

9. DEVELOPED A FEAR OF GOING OUTSIDE - Recently I've cut back on my daily walks and since then I feel like I’m gaining a little fear of going outside. I just have that simmering anxious feeling in my body. And knowing that the risk of getting the virus and then potentially passing it on to others, is very scary at times. Looking in the future when it is safe to be in contact with other people out and about, I really do hope I won't have a fear of being outside or a dread of anxiety in public places. I’m only sharing this with you as you could possibly be feeling something similar or relate. I think that this feeling is totally understandable. And I wouldn't want my anxiety to grow into something that’s out of my own control. I'm sure it won’t. But I definitely need to keep a close eye on it. And if you’re experiencing anything similar do try talking to someone, as just speaking allowed will help. 

10. HARD TO ADMIT - I actually want personal things that I didn't realise I actually wanted.....I think. My life is very work driven but now that I've been forced to stop…maybe…possibly I do want a few personal things in my life. But then I keep thinking do I or am I just feeling this because of our changed circumstances and had time to reflect. Hmmmm I don't know…..I’ve never felt them before so I'll have to keep you posted and delve deeper on to this topic in a future post.

Done. A quick round up of lessons learnt so far. I do have a few more but these are the ones jumping to my mind as I write this at home. Actually a nice roof over the head is another thing I've become so grateful for (I could be here writing this all day). Anyway I would love to know a few of yours in the comments box below!

Thanks for reading and stay safe xx



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