Friday, 10 April 2020


You may have found trying to balance a focused mind and fresh outlook during this time a little difficult. It's okay for everything to feel hazy, which is why I'm sharing these 8 FABULOUS inspiring people with you today. Kind people that I love following because they have made me honestly smile over the last few weeks. 

Your mindfulness during these unprecedented times is so important right now. And I'm not advising you to not read the news. I just think too much of 'it' can become increasingly overwhelming for you mentally. Of course it's extremely important to stay in formed and updated, but I think it's also very important to limit yourself for your overall well being. And I do apologise if this may come across as a touch direct but this is mainly for that one person reading this right now, that may feel a little lost during this time. You, who is possibly seeking advice and not knowing who to ask or what to do. I also know that of course everyone likes to deal with their own mind differently. And for one person informing themselves with some sort of news more often, actually eases their anxiety. I just wanted to be real and suggest that taking care of yourself and being easy on yourself is my first concern. I feel lucky that my friends and family have been great at supporting each other during this time. But it would also be ignorant of me to automatically assume that everyone has that constant support. Just know you've got fabulous support right here (think of me as that annoying-yet-supportive-big sister or friend).
Karen Hauer

Right, let me tell you why I really think you should start following Karen Hauer. You probably recognise Karen's dancing talents on the hit BBC television series 'Strictly Come Dancing'. And since lock down Karen and Oti have set up a page called 'Home Festival Fun'. Karen every day at 10am live (on instagram) is holding amazing super effective home work outs. And then also a daily 6pm yoga session for free. Karen also saves the active workouts for you on her page, so you can easily access the workouts later on in the day to fit around you. I've personally messaged her and thanked her because you really do feel so focused after one of her workouts. Karen also caters for different levels of FITNESS, and her and her partner David sing along to fabulous tracks too! Karen also makes it really clear that these sessions are purely a guide and to work out at a level which feels most comfortable to you.
Sarah Tarleton
Do you love baking? Baking is something I've dipped into over the years so I found Sarah Tarleton's amazing vegan cookie recipe scrolling instagram, and found her 'how to bake' video so easy to follow. Sarah has been baking a few recipes over the last few weeks. If you also love to bake or always wanted to BAKE do give her page a follow. The ingredients I used were literally stuff I already had buried in the back of the kitchen cupboard. And I just used substitutes where needed. Also if you are vegan make sure you check out Rachel Ama and Niomi Smart's Vegan recipes for gorgeous healthy natural meal ideas. 
Daisy May Cooper
COMEDY was one of the first things I wanted to watch during this time. I accidentally watched ‘Tiger King’ and felt even more intense! Laughter has helped a lot and 'This Country’ (BBC, which I've previously included in a tv/movie list here) took ages to complete as I kept rewinding all the lol bits (And there are a lot). The characters are great and the writer Daisy May Cooper is holding free WRITING workshops over on her instagram page. If you've ever had a desire to write give her workshops a watch. Grab a pencil and pad and get writing! The show Daisy and her brother Charlie wrote won Bafta's and all sorts! And I really like her no waffle approach. 
Lydia Millen
STYLE for you could be a way to truly express yourself or you could just really love fashion. Whatever the case I'm highly recommending you follow Lydia Millen during this time. I've personally found her instagram feed very uplifting, bright, colourful, full of glamour and very optimistic. Lydia’s style is super tailored than my own personal style and her looks are full of designer garments, but I love that Lydia mixes in a bit of high street in to her looks aswell. Lydia is the ultra self made no f**ks kind of lady that I really connect with. I love a fighting spirit and she knows what she wants and works hard to get it....I N S P I R I N G.
Stan Taylor
Talking of a sing-a-long if you love listening to beautiful MUSIC and a stunning soulful voice. You must follow Stan Taylor. Stan's soulful powerful SINGING vocals are incredible. And during lock down Stan's sharing home singing videos and even taking song requests. Do follow him and listen to 'When A Man Loves A Woman'. It will give you goose bumps, uplift you and make you smile…I promise. 
Gemma Green
LASTLY I canny write a post about inspiring people and not include my beautiful personal trainer cousin and best person ever in Bedford! Gemma Green….Ok I might of added that last extra bit! The girl is amazing and usually has packed classes keeping women and men fit in her weekly gym classes. Gemma is now (due to - Lock Down) offering home personal VIRTUAL PT WORK OUTS. And will actually do a zoom call and personal work out with you in your own home. You can contact her for full details here. Gemma’s more than a personal trainer as she's a life coach to SO many many women and men. Her outlook on life is inspiring and she gives so much hope to everyone. Gemma has that kind of infectious energy that you always want around you. She's also a bit crazy, super friendly and welcoming. Gemma also shares the most poignant, powerful affirmations daily on her instagram and always caring for everyone’s general well being.  

DONE! I hope you’re able to connect with them all during this time as I strongly believe that coming together, and supporting one another is such an amazing thing to do. But know we are all in this together. Stay Home XXX

*Photography includes Margarita Karenko  and other pictures that are not of me are not my own. 


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