Friday, 8 May 2020



If you are feeling really helpless and wanting to do something to support the most vulnerable during this time. Today I’m sharing with you 'Five Important Charities to Support.' People in our very own community who can do with that extra care from a trusted supportive platform. 

I've got to be honest as I found researching charities quite emotional (are you finding the Thursday 8pm thanks to our amazing nhs and key workers emotional?) And of course we know that there are plenty more charities across the world that still need our help fighting this (more useful information).

You may have taken a real blow financially since the outbreak, yet still feel like myself and want to contribute whatever you can - Please see a list of amazing organisations below. Also please know that I really hope you won’t feel any type of way if you're unable to donate. I feel like as a nation we have united in health healing thoughts for anyone and everyone suffering in need. I’m truly suggesting and sharing for those who really do have the financial capacity, realistic means and looking for an online space to contribute.

  • Masks for NHS Heroes - Are raising funds providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare workers while caring for patients. Masks 4 NHS Heroes are currently crowd funding and delivering as much as they can from donations. 
  • Refuge - In the UK at home domestic abuse and violence has unfortunately risen by 25% since lock down began. Refuge are an immediate service, with staff working around the clock to make sure they can remain open and available for anyone that needs them. 
  • Mind - You may have seen me mention and write about this wonderful organisation. This lockdown period will have a huge impact on our well being and mental health. Mind need to keep running to help, support, protect and save lives to so many right now. 
  • The Care Workers Charity - Care Workers are at the frontline caring for our most elderly, vulnerable and people most susceptible. Any donations will for sure go a long way. 
  • The Trussell Trust Food Bank - A trust on a mission to stop people going hungry across the country especially during the outbreak. Trussell Trust have vowed to ensure all donations go directly towards those who crucially need them.
It's never too late and any amount is never ever too little....x

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