Saturday, 12 September 2020


So I take a few months off the old blog, come back and everything is looking all brand spanking new. The writing layout has changed (so much easier to edit) and I bleeding love it! Sorry I haven't even said hello to you yet.......HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO. How the frig are you? And what the f**k is going on? Are you just taking life one day at a time, like moi? I actually can't believe the things that I've seen happen in my life time over the last three months. Demolishment of statues, murder being passed around on social media like a trend (I totally understood the outrage and awareness needed but you can do that I personal think (open to discuss) without sharing an actual video. That was so triggering to so many peoples mental health on so many levels, especially plastered all over the news. All I was thinking was where was the protection for his body), the largest world protest in history for justice for George Floyd and of course the ongoing world crisis of the C virus. 

OMG where to start! I wasn't sure what to share with you today...As I was actually going to stay blissfully ignorant to the news and just talk to you about fashion, but for me it still doesn't sit right. Yet I know you probably read these blogs to escape the madness. The past three months have been a very different time and experience for us all. Some are saying don't you think it's odd that so many peaceful protests and riots are going on while the world is stuck still in a pandemic. Why now? Last spot of news I watched today was hundreds of nurses and health care workers protesting by marching in central London about the unfairness of not being included in the national pay rise for public sector workers (doctors, armed forces, police, prison officers, dentist, teachers and a few other public sector workers all due a pay increase). To date over 640 health care workers have unfortunately lost their lives to the virus. And as a nation we clapped for them all (not just doctors) every Thursday night, right?

This year has been a lot, but at the same time I still wake up feeling very very blessed. I wish I had a special wand that could simultaneously create peace for you and everybody in the world, to eradicate all forms of deadly viruses and racism. And if I can be truly honest with you all this has made me second guess having kids. Do I want to bring them in to a world filled with so much hate and separation? In some ways I see love and change happening by uniting, but OMG whatever you do do not go over to twitter. People on there are literally threatening one another over wearing a mask...turning on each other with so much anguish and hostility. If you do venture there brace yourself and maybe watch a happy film after or something.


Talking of film it was so nice to be back out in the magical cinema world last week to see Tenet. Which I thought was and quote (review off my twitter) - 'Tenet. The scale of this film can only be seen on the big cinema screen.....Go if you can! Buckle up and brace yourself! Embrace the fact that you maybe left exhausted, confused and exhilarated.' So I basically loved the sci-fi action packed thriller but didn't fully  understand the storyline. And not sure if I'd see it again any time soon....but at the same time it's still worth the watch! I think I was just happy sitting back in the cinema gobbling popcorn...loudly (do you munch loudly at the most quietest of moments unintentionally too?)  

Wow! I've touched on so many topics in this post and will also add that I have some friends that have taken the last six months in their stride. Lock down has been a breeze for them and they actually told me to stop reading the news. But it's really really hard not to.....Which I still don't know whether is a good thing or not? Especially as I rarely watched the news before. I'm not looking every day but I do like to stay informed. But then you still need to question how the information is being fed to you and if the news is 100% accurate or just fear mongering fake news. The mind boggles.....actually my mind boggled long before 2020 anyway!

Right, if you've got through this very rambling post thank you for reading. The next few posts will be all about vintage style baby! As I'll be sharing some of my favourite A/W looks for the colder months ahead with you. I'm not sure if you can be notified when blogs are posted but do click a tab if that's an option on here. 

Stay Fabulous, Stay Well. Much Love xxxx 


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