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Escaping the Christmas hype a moment, I've been wanting to share this laid back street style look with you fellow fashion lovers. Ahhhhh I have so many pairs of vintage jeans that I canny/would never ever get rid of.....with light wash being the ultimate favourite. Light wash is seen as more of a summery jean but I personally think you can wear light wash all year round.....I certainly do.  Trends in jeans do change quickly so I tend to stick to wardrobe staple designs such as these fabulous straight wider leg pair from nasty gal. I randomly found this style snooping on their website and if I'm honest was a bit worried about what the real life jean quality would turn up like once delivered (I'm a very fussy online shopper). But I can truly say that the jean quality in these are bleeding top notch! No thinness, no over stretch, no signs of a wash fade and no horrible ugly reshape. To help the mission of  finding the perfect good quality jeans for you, I would say stick to thick/stiff denim threads for a long lasting durable wear.

Sunglasses| Lespecs Hoops| vintage Polo| Weekday Jacket| Rokit Jeans| Nasty Gal Bag| London Street Market Boots| Office Photography| Zoe Griffin

Let's Talk about the SIDE SPLIT - The side split on the lower hem on the trouser leg is what instantly makes this design different and what initially drew me in. I always find tiny details like these so interesting to see styled on other people as they do make the overall look visually so striking. Jeans come in so many different cuts from wide leg, skinny, boyfriend oversized, frayed, slouchy, cropped, straight leg, balloon hem, flared, 'mom' jeans (to name a few)....And it can be so damn hard and frustrating to know which individual style best suits your figure. I would advise taking your time and having a play around and forgetting the 'in trend' and just wearing a style that you feel the most you and comfortable in (if that makes any sense). It may even mean at first going completely out of your comfort zone and trying on a cut that you didn't think would suit but actually does. Now these jeans do come up a little long in trouser length. I'm fairly average in height and probably couldn't wear trainers without the beautiful hems dragging on the floor in these. Also I'm normally a size 8 to 10 (depending on brand) and this pair are a size 10 but quite loose on the back of the legs, bum and waist on me. I actually don't mind a bit of room, but if you’re wanting your jeans much more fitted, do go lower in size or even buy two alternative sizes and send the size that doesn't fit back (which I know is looooong). 

You can see that I went with more black by styling the jeans alongside a staple polo neck top, oversized cat eye sunglasses, hoops, throw all my sh** in bag and simple ankle booties. The jacket I went ultra vintage throwback and hunted for my seventies button down textured jacket. I actually completely forgot I had this piece as I bought it back in February earlier this year and haven’t had a chance to wear it. The tailoring fit and collar are vintage everything! And this jacket is a piece  that I can see myself restyling again and again. You could even wear this under a heavier coat for the wintery colder months. 

Right! That's my take on these chilled light wash jeans which I think would look gorgeous on you. Do let me know what you think of this style if you do go for them. Thanks for reading xx 


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