Tuesday, 29 December 2020


It's time to kiss twenty twenty a BIG goodbye in style! Get the living room dance floor ready, champagne on ice, disco lights up and party poppers out to bring in twenty twenty-one looking & feeling F>A>B>U>L>O>U>S. YES, yessss we know we can wear fancy pj's or lounge wear to ring in the new year, BUT if you love an opportunity to dress up (like moi) with heaps of glamour, shimmer, flair and glitz now is your time to beautifully shine - Sharing below over 20 inspiring NYE style pieces to help you create your fabulous countdown look. 

Whatever your plans are we need to show 2021 we mean business and don't worry you can still wear your slippers underneath! I'm talking sparkle, sparkly sparkle, sequins, more sparkle, sequins, red lips and then more disco seventies sparkle (did i mention sparkle, i need to calm down - vintage glam wohoooo). Anything statement like rich bold colours such as red, pink, gold, silver, festive green and of course the LBD works every single year.  Search and hunt for whatever pieces you already have in your fab wardrobe, look for items of clothing that make you feel most stylistically comfortable. For this outfit the dazzling sequin maxi silver skirt & silver glitter box clutch I scouted in 2019 for a wedding (that I've only worn once and had so many people ask for the brand at the celebration), silver platform heels you've seen me style on here before and the fitted 70's disco sequin bralet top I style sourced at a vintage market last year. I love how the silver dainty accessories match the overall vibe of this evening look. I’m loving wearing soft sweet studs at the moment. The tiffany bracelet I've had since I was 18 (gift), I'm not good with necklaces so do pop a striking one on to finish off this classic look. Vintage inspired chain necklaces are so in as they instantly scream classic and chic. 

NYE may also feel strange this year but we can still make the most of it and feel a little joy during the count down BELLS. Whether on your own, via app house party with friends or with loved ones (safely with household in tier 4) and I dunno about you but I haven't worn an out out outfit in so long and I'm sure we're allowed one night to glam up (*blasts Dreamgirls 'One Night Only'). The evening may not be as wild as you had anticipated (I've had some right nye hot mess shockers I tell ya) but my goodness I'm so up for celebrating what I've got this year - even with nowhere to go (house parties are over rated anyway). Best part of the evening is the getting dressed up and we have all day! 

Disco flash dance all round your damn yard, roof or garden or even to take the bins out.....Why not do it in style! Happy New Year Xx Fabulous Street style photography by the wonderful and talented Zoe



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