Friday, 22 January 2021


Are you still sticking with veganuary this month? Or have you been swapping a few main meals for plant based ones? For an extra bit of last minute help I wanted to quickly share with you 3 Top Instagram Accounts that have guided me with amazing vegan food inspiration. In case you didn't know I changed to a plant based diet last year. I did veganuary in 2020 with the thinking that I'll only do it for one month….Well that month has lasted a whole blooming year! And I've really really loved it so far. I never expected to take to it so quickly as when I tried to stick to a plant based diet before I wasn't doing it properly because now I always make sure my meals are full of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and well balanced. Honestly a plant based diet doesn't have to be boring and tasteless if you're open to experimenting by trying out a new way of eating. Also the high quality of plant based vegan options in supermarkets nowadays has improved so much that I've never felt like I'm missing out (I was a diary eating pescatarian before which may of helped my transition). Accidentally Vegan is a great insta page for plenty of vegan snack/food substitutes in your own local supermarket. Enjoy & Happy Veganuary xx


I first discovered Rachel by searching for vegan dishes on YouTube and then I saw that Rachel had a fabulous recipe book - Vegan Eats. I've made a few of her dishes and naturally found them so easy to follow. I like that Rachel makes her recipes full of fresh every-day to hand ingredients that are quite quick to make. I also connected with her warm personality and rustic cooking style. I just love that she incorporates a lot of her own culture in to her amazing food recipes but also likes to share brand new recipes from other cultures and cuisines. Tons of her cooking videos are available for free online and her vast content includes how to cook on a budget. I assumed that being plant based would cost so much more but it can actually be so cost sufficient if you prep your meals by cooking in bulk (Rachels vids will show you how). Her bang bang sticky cauliflower recipe is a personal favourite and the sweet potatoe chips recipe is oh so yummy. 


I first discovered RG on instagram and became obsessed by his colourful feed filled with so much goodness, on one single plate. Like RG being Caribbean one thing I didn't want to miss out on from changing to a vegan diet was the traditional food within my culture, that I grew up on. I love that RG has given a huge plant based twist to the spice of the Caribbean cuisine without taking any thing away from the richness and taste. RG’s recipes are actually much more healthier for you as he uses less oils and fats. Although RG is on YouTube, I haven’t actually watched his videos but I do have his amazing recipe book - Vegan Brunches. RG has a few recipe books and e-books available to buy online.  The plantain kidney bean curry is so delicious! And don’t even get me started on the fried dumpling recipe. I will also say that as RG is a talented remarkable trained chef with his own private dining and meal delivery business (opened in 2016)' his recipes are all one set cuisine (Caribbean). So, if you love fine grub…..I suggest you follow his page but do keep in mind that it's only catering to Caribbean food...did I tell you that it is only CARIBBEAN FOOD! Ps. he has tons of celebrity clients. 

Gaz Oakley is the chef behind Avant Garde Vegan which was first mentioned to me by a family member, then a friend of mine showed me his bulking recipe book - Plants Only Kitchen. I watched a few of Gaz's cooking videos on YouTube and liked his cool, make vegan food modern approach. Now I will be honest and say as Gaz is dapper in the kitchen (being a fully trained highly qualified talented chef) I did find some of his cooking videos hard to follow as I couldn't keep up! But once I took my time with a few attempts I 100% benefited from his detailed recipes available. I think I was focusing too hard on being an expert chef (which I am clearly not. doh!). I cooked his one tray-roast-sausage-bake dish this Christmas and I've also made his meaty mushroom vegan burritos...which tasted mighty fine. Oh his crispy lemon Chinese tofu recipe is yummy aswell. From traditional British Roasts to Thai beautiful dishes Gaz offers bundles of vegan recipe options to choose from.

I hope you've enjoyed this quick little foodie read. I find all of these vegan cooks and recipe makers really inspiring being a vegan foodie lover, and especially for future aspiring chefs out there. Happy plant based cooking to you! xxx Ps. Here's a little vegan cookie recipe below I shared last year....if you fancied something sweet! P.p.s. images used are from their own public instagram feeds and not my own. xxx

- 70g Caster Sugar
-120g Brown Sugar
-110ml Coconut Oil
-4tbsp Non Dairy Milk
-220g Spelt/Plain/Buckwheat Flour {or any you can shop}
-Touch of Vanilla Essence
-1tsp Baking Powder
-1tsp Baking Soda
-Big bar of Dark Chocolate 
-A pinch of Sea Salt
- Generous amount of Nuts - {I used cashew}

Stuff you need:
-Mixing Large bowl
-Parchment paper
-Small pot
-Weigh machine or measuring device
-Spatula {or wooden spoon}
-Baking tray


  1. Heat coconut oil on a medium heat. Pop caster sugar and brown sugar to the mixing bowl. Once heated add coconut oil into the mixing bowl.
  2. Grab the whisk and mix well together and add non diary milk and vanilla essence to the mixture. Preheat oven to 180C.
  3. Add flour, baking powder, bicarbonate soda and extra milk if needed and continue to mix well with your spatula or wooden spoon.
  4. Now add plenty of dark chocolate and nuts. The bigger the chunks the better and mix well. Grab the baking tray and line with baking paper.
  5. Use a table spoon to cup and shape the cookie dough in to balls. Giant balls or tiny little diddy ones {this sentence is making me chuckle}. Place each cookie on the baking tray. Try and space out the cookies as the dough will spread in the oven.
  6. Grab the sea salt and sprinkle over the cookies lightly. Pop the cookies in the oven for about 12-15 minutes {Don't forget to set a timer as this is where I usually forget, get distracted and burn stuff!}. Take out the tray and leave the cookies to set and cool for 10 -15 minutes {Oven timings may vary, just pop out when you think they look ready}. Now the yummy cookies are fabulous and ready! Grab a cuppa and enjoy!


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